Guild Esports to Emulate 100 Thieves With Merch Drops and Academy System

by in General | Apr, 14th 2021

It sounds like Guild Esports is taking some cues from successful esports org 100 Thieves. It’s a smart idea, as long as they can make it their own somehow. The strategy? To release limited and exclusive merchandise drops and an esports academy system, these could be in the future of Guild Esports, if all goes right. These announcements came courtesy of a shareholder meeting of the esports org co-owned by footballer David Beckham. We already knew an academy system was in the works, but now there are more answers.

What Lies In The Future?

Guild Esports has been on the move to make its mark in the world of esports. There are plans to branch out into more games, but the Academy System is far more interesting. Guild Esports plans to model this after the 100 Thieves system, reportedly. It’s been described as an “online portal and physical athlete-development system”. It’s also modeled on the success of the Premier League.

What can users expect? It’s going to be a training system for gamers, more than just getting good. Nutrition, exercise, and psychological support await users of the Guild Esports academy system. This should kick off in the second quarter of 2021, and help establish a quality talent pool for Guild Esports.

Here’s another interesting aspect of the system: selling/transferring player contracts to other clubs. It sounds like Guild Esports is taking more cues from real sports, where people in this system/in their org as another form of revenue for the org. If they could train top-notch players, get some merits under them, and transfer them to another perhaps lower-tier esports org? That would be something new and interesting.

100 Thieves has also been the inspiration behind a series of limited merch drops. Guild Esports admits it’s still in the early stages and is subject to change, but they are planning some exclusive merchandise collections. It works for 100 Thieves, with these limited-number merch drops causing a great deal of demand for the limited supply. There will still be merch available anytime, but these limited drops will be different. There’s no word on how many articles will be available for purchase, but I imagine we’ll find out later this year. The academy system is perhaps more interesting though if we’re honest. The idea of having a pipeline into the system, where important physical and mental activities are highlighted? We love to see it.

Esports is so much more than being good at games. When we keep seeing orgs focus on the physical and mental well-being of their players, we’ll see more growth.


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