Guild Esports Signs Scrub Killa, Noly and Tho for Rocket League

by in Rocket League | Jul, 24th 2020

Guild Esports has signed a killer trio for a Rocket League team, and they could very well have a shot at the World Championships this year. But who did they get? None other than a trio that played for Singularity, Scrub Killa, Noly, and Tho! Earlier this week, Singularity released this roster, and Guild Esports seemed all too glad to pick them up. We’ve also learned that their coach will be Gregan, who was a part of Scrub’s success as a part of Renault Vitality.

There’s a lot of history here, and a dedicated team that will do their best in Rocket League.

Do They Have What It Takes?

Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson on his own is a top-notch player. He’s played in two of the Rocket League Championship Series Worlds, and in both cases, he made it to the Grand Finals. He won the first but lost the second by just a single goal. So it’s not like he’s a scrub at all if you will. His teammates don’t have the same pedigree he does, unfortunately.

Is that a bad thing? Not at all! They’ll have a coach and player that have worked together with Scrub Killa and Mike “Gregan” Ellis. They have to find some strong synergy and learn from what Scrub Killa has to teach his teammates. His teammates have only one season of play on them and placed seventh. That’s not the worst and means there’s a lot of room to grow with.

“The goal for [Guild Esports] is to try and win every single match and tournament we can and always perform to the best of our ability,” Scrub Killa said. “We want to reach the top, and I really feel this is the team that can achieve this, and be the best in the world.”

All players will be supremely confident, especially with the skill that Scrub Killa has under his belt. But the next season of the Rocket League Championship Series is next week! There are open qualifiers and the main event this weekend. Thankfully, Guild Esports has already qualified, since they were an RLCS Season 9 team. Twenty-two new teams will be joining, bringing the total teams to 32.

When you combine this with Rocket League being free-to-play this summer, it could go a long way to making Rocket League a Tier-1, must-watch esport! With more people being able to try it for themselves, and hopefully watching the RLCS matches, this could be nothing but good.

Next week, we’ll see who is on top of the ladder, after the first regional concludes and points are awarded. There’s been an overhaul, so there won’t be a “League” system anymore. Instead, there will be event sand Majors, which all lead to the World Championships. It’s all or nothing for these teams, and there won’t be two shots a year at becoming champs. But it sounds like Scrub Killa’s feeling pretty good about it.

Another certain positive is that these three played together as a part of Singularity, so they are familiar with one another already. Put that on top with a coach that already understands the Star Player (Scrub Killa)’s playstyle. It could mean excellent things for Guild Esports. Sure, you can play to “do your best,” and that’s great. But why not play to win? That’s the attitude Guild Esports has when looking at Rocket League and any other game.

Rocket League is already an action-packed esport. It grabbed me by the face to start watching it. Usually, I’m not into soccer-based esports, because I don’t think it’s fun. But Rocket League? It’s high speed, high octane, and a colossal ball that gets knocked around! The plays almost always look hype as heck, and there’s so much going for it. This is a great time to get into the game too, with the game going free-to-play for the time being.


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