Guild Esports Recruits Sayf and BARBARR To Round Out Valorant Team

by in Valorant | Jan, 21st 2021

Guild Esports has finally filled out their Valorant roster, and we have to say, these last two singings are definitely solid ones. Who have they rounded the roster out with? Saif “Sayf” Jibraeel is the final player to fill out the squad, and Andre’ BARBARR” Moller is the coach of the team. We’re hoping for good things from this Guild Esports roster, that’s for sure. With the final pieces of the team in place, they’re ready to tackle the intense Valorant scene that 2021 is promising.

An Experienced Squad

Sayf has been doing well in Valorant since the game started, and BARBARR has experience in a variety of FPS games, making them perfect fits for Guild Esports. Sayf in particular’s been doing well across a series of events in the last year.

Grant Rousseau, Guild’s Director of Esports said this:

“As Valorant grows in popularity within the esports world, so does the competition. We’re thrilled to build upon our already highly talented team, and welcome the expertise of both Sayf and André who will no doubt be indispensable as we move forward to even greater heights.”

This is a chance for a pair of relative unknowns to shine on a brand-new team. BARBARR does have the experience, but mostly for smaller teams. So ultimately this is a great chance for some people to shine brighter than ever. They’ll be joined by Leo “Leo” Jannesson, Yacine “Yacine” Laghmari, Malkom “bonkar” Rench, and William “Draken” Sundin.

From here, they just have to get ready for the 2021 Valorant EU Challengers and look to the Red Bull Home Ground event. Those are the events coming next, and hopefully, they can make a splash during both. Will Sayf and Barbarr be the missing puzzle pieces for the Guild Esports roster? We’ll know soon enough!


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