Guild Esports Launches Guild Academy to Train the Next Generation

by in General | May, 17th 2021

Guild Esports had launched what they call the “Guild Esports Academy,” which is an online training course for players to get feedback and training from some of the players from the org, with the goal to help create the esports stars of tomorrow.

The Program

While the academy is not a brand new idea, the precedent that it will set for the current world of esports could change the game as a whole and possibly make it closer to how traditional sports are operated. The online academy is looking for players aged 11 and up to partake in their online courses and tournaments. Players of all skill levels are welcome to join, with beginner players being able to send in gameplay footage to the players at Guild to analyze and give feedback on performance in specific areas. This, in turn, can help the players focus on what they need to improve on and how they can do better in the future. According to Guild’s Website, players will also gain access to online challenges to complete the game and demand coaching for any player who needs it.

However, feedback isn’t the only thing that Guild will be offering to any budding players who decides to join the academy, as online tournaments and detailed training programs will be included as well. While on the surface, the program seems like something made to help players get better, Guild is also aiming to use it to help scout out talent to become a part of the Guild family, with players being able to partake in tournaments and be watched by members of the org to see if they have what it takes to become a part of the team. Players also have the chance in the game to win prizes and more from the tournaments.

Any players who end up getting scouted by Guild will gain better one-to-one support, bootcamps, and LAN tournaments held by Guild. Guild has called this their “path to pro strategy,” as the org relies on their own players to help scout out up-and-coming players in the community.

Parents who may not understand esports will not be left in the dark with Guild’s Esports Academy, as a dedicated parent portal section of the website will help catch them up to speed with the world of esports, as well as what Guild is all about when it comes to the world of competitive gaming. It doesn’t stop there either; Guild is making sure from the get-go that the online experience for children who decide to enroll in the academy will not be only friendly, but safe as well, as any child who’s not old enough to consent to the enrollment will have to have parental permission when they start. These values will continue to be engrained into the kid in the event that they get scouted by Guild to move up through the academy.

Guild Academy is not just fun and games either, as they have partnered with sandwich company Subway to help keep kids playing their best by living their healthiest as well. Guild academy will focus on teaching players to improve in their skills and make good decisions and have a steady work-life balance. Guild and Subway are working together to help bring health and well-being into the academy to show players that playing the game is one thing, but playing better relies on healthy choices and staying on top of making good decisions to prevent any consequences playing for too long.

Just Fortnite and Rocket League.. For Now

Guild Academy is starting with just Fortnite and Rocket League, but they’re looking to expand into Valorant and FIFA in the coming months. With a heavy focus on the model of traditional sports, Guild Academy is planning on being a talent pipeline for up-and-coming players in the online space. This decision makes more sense as one of the co-owners of Guild Esports is professional soccer player David Beckham.

The Executive Chairman of Guild Esports, Carleton Curtis, had this to say about the academy’s launch. “Over the last year, people have recognized us for building some of the most talented rosters in esports. The Guild Academy represents our vision for the future. The academy will contain the most comprehensive training platform in esports, with individualized support and tailored training programs provided to develop the esports stars of tomorrow. Ingrained in all aspects of the academy will be our culture of excellence, and our priority is nurturing aspiring gamers to develop in all areas of their life. We’re thrilled to launch and help to push the industry forward.”

As of right now, the academy is allowing players to join for free; however, the trial period is 30-days. At the end of the trial, players will have to pay 4.99 Euros or its equivalent in local currency to continue their online training each month.

Guild has managed to make themselves one of the biggest esports teams globally, and it’s no surprise that they’re on the prowl for talent that can shake things up in the world of esports. With Guild Academy, this is the perfect chance for players to invest themselves in getting better at the game and work towards an achievable goal in the near future. While many players won’t get spotted by Guild and join their ranks, with a small fee for every month to help improve on player’s gameplay, it’s no surprise that this might be exactly what some kids need at the moment to help increase their game. As well as the focus on living a healthy lifestyle, budding players who may spend too much time on their screens to “get good” will have a moment to step back and look at the bigger picture and see a way to not only get better at the game but live a healthy and fulfilling life for it as well.


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