Griffin Players Allowed Free Agency; Chovy, Lehends, and Doran Leave

by in League of Legends | Nov, 26th 2019

There’s another turn in the crazy scandal that has rocked the Korean League of Legends scene, as Griffin owner Still8 has announced that the team will be reworking the contracts with all of it’s players and allowing those who don’t want to stay with Griffin to enter free agency.

The move comes after severely unfair stipulations in the players’ contracts, including forcing players to pay the org after being let go from the team, came to light on Friday, sparking immediate outrage across social media.

Near Slave-Like Contracts

The contract terms were argued to be slave-like by those in the community who read through them, with highlights including the following (credit to reddit user Chrisson111 for the translation),

“If you’re sick and cannot make it for more then 30 days then we will be eligible to terminate your contract immediately.

If [the aforementioned rule] is applied, then you will not be allowed to find another team for another year.

If we believe your current form is bad, then we will be allowed to terminate your contract anytime.

If communication cannot be reached with the player, then the player will be immediately kicked out of the team along with a 42k$ fine and all of your remaining wage given back to the team.

After the end of your contract, all the Intellectual Property rights and Trademark rights related to the Griffin brand that was put in during your time at the team related to you must all be paid.”

The contract revelations have renewed calls for Riot Korea and KESPA to re-open the case against Griffin, while others have called on law enforcement to get involved citing a failure by Riot to do their due diligence in the investigation.

For more details on the contracts, feel free to check out our additional coverage on the subject

New Contracts Are Too Little Too Late?

The reignited social media blitz against Griffin over the new allegations led Still8 CEO Still8 to issue a statement apologizing to the players and fans, and promising to rewrite the player contracts or allow players who didn’t want to stay with Griffin after everything to enter free agency.

Several players quickly took up the latter offer and entered the open market, with Chovy, Lehends, and Doran all deciding not to re-sign with the squad, leaving gaping holes in their starting lineup.

Whether any of the other players decide to leave or stay is currently unknown, but it’s safe to say Griffin’s time as a popular org in the LCK has definitely come to a rather sudden end, though we’ll have to wait until after Riot reviews its punishment of CvMax before we likely see anything done.

As always, we’ll keep you all updated as the situation develops.


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