Grab Control For Free on the Epic Games Store!

by in General | Jun, 10th 2021

The folks over at Epic Games have outdone themselves yet again! Control, one of the best triple-A titles in recent history, can now be acquired free of charge! So make sure to hop over to the Epic Games Store, log in, and claim it as soon as possible — it’ll revert back to its regular price on June 17!

As if Among Us and NBA 2K21 weren’t a big enough surprise! We’re really being spoiled here! The sheer fact that they can give away such a spectacular title — one that is still about as popular as it was upon release — is simply mind-blowing. It is two-years-old at this point, but you wouldn’t be able to tell based on its spectacular graphics and downright legendary art direction! It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, of course, but if you have a strong enough computer it definitely warrants a bit of play time!

A Spectacular Gift No One Saw Coming

Control really is one of a kind, and now you can claim it for free — no hidden fees, no payment, nothing. It’s impossible not to wonder how Epic is able to do this; Control is by no means a shoddy sub-par release nor a popular indie title with a cult following which, naturally, means it probably costs a pretty penny. Then again, these queries should only be reserved for those who possess the necessary business acumen for tackling such a subject — we can only conjure up a slew of theories, most of which (if not all) would probably be flat-out wrong.

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In any case, we’re not complaining!

Last but certainly not least, Control is one of the best games on the market for testing out NVIDIA’s DLSS and real-time ray-tracing; so if you happen to own an RTX graphics card (preferably a 30 series model), you’ll be able to fine tune your settings and strike the perfect balance between jaw-dropping visual fidelity and smooth frame rates!  


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