Gotaga Gets a Brief Twitch Ban, Likely for DMCA

by in Call of Duty | Jun, 22nd 2021

Former CoD Pro Corentin “Gotaga” Houssein received a brief Twitch ban yesterday, and some think it was a DMCA strike. Gotaga is one of the biggest streamers in France and has one of the biggest followings on the platform, period. It’s particularly strange that Gotaga received this Twitch ban, even if it was for a brief 9 hours. It’s the streamer’s only offense, making it seem more like a DMCA strike than anything else. There’s no telling if it actually was one, or if it was a mistake though. 

#FreeGOTAGA Strikes:

DMCA strikes have been coming back in full force on Amazon’s Twitch app lately, and perhaps this is what had Gotaga caught in the crossfire with a ban. The music industry at large has been pushing Twitch to license music. Failing to do so will result in these mass DMCA strikes, which could result in permanent bans from the streaming service. 

According to a Twitch spokesperson though, they are working with the music industry to try and find a solution:

Our conversations with music rights holders, both with labels and publishers, are active and ongoing, and we continue to work with them to establish potential approaches that would be appropriate for the Twitch service and our entire community.

After nine hours, Twitch rescinded the ban for Gotaga, but it’s not likely because of his reach or following. Twitch doesn’t seem to care who gets hit with the DMCA strikes. Gotaga though does have nearly 3 million followers and plays a wide variety of games. He spent years playing pro CoD for Team Vitality, for example, so he’s got credibility as a skilled player. These days though, he seems to play more games like Rocket League. The general consensus seems to be DMCA, but we’ll have to see if Gotaga speaks up about it (if he knows the exact reason). 


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