Google’s Pixelbook 2 Rumored to Feature Tensor SoC

by in General | Sep, 28th 2021

According to a brand new rumor, the upcoming Pixelbook 2 — a laptop that still hasn’t been made official but we know for a fact is on the way — will reportedly feature Google’s bespoke Tensor SoC! And that, in short, is quite exciting news!

Whenever a company takes it upon itself to design and implement its own silicon, it goes in one of two ways: it’s either a complete debacle (as was the case with Microsoft’s SQ1) or a spectacular triumph (in the case of Apple’s M1). Only time will tell where Google will land in this specific spectrum, but it seems to be leaning more towards Apple rather than Microsoft (thank goodness).

Google’s track record is by no means spotless, but it’s hard not to commend this venerable tech giant for its willingness to experiment and try stuff out — despite numerous botched product launches and straight up abominations like the Pixel Slate, for instance. Fortunately, the Pixel phone line-up always brought something extra to the table and has been able to remain in the “public eye” in spite of Apple, Samsung, and a host of other Chinese manufacturers dominating the realm.

Chromebooks are also insanely popular (more than you’d think), so the fact that a successor to the Pixelbook and Pixelbook Go is on the way should really come as no surprise. Google’s Tensor SoC might not be the most powerful chipset on the market, but it’ll no doubt be capable enough to handle any sort of task or workload that one might want to undertake (on a Chromebook).

Huge Changes Design-Wise

The novel Tensor SoC that’s rumored to be inside the Pixelbook 2 isn’t the only change that Google is supposedly looking to implement — this peculiar Chromebook will reportedly come in five colors: Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue, and Pink. It’ll also feature a 13.3” display with a full aluminum chassis.


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