Goldenglue Joins 100 Thieves as Academy Head Coach

by in League of Legends | Dec, 2nd 2020

100 Thieves and Greyson “Goldenglue” Gilmer isn’t exactly a pairing one would expect, but it’s a positive surprise nonetheless. This seasoned veteran mid laner has now officially been appointed as the head coach of 100T’s Academy LCS team and that, in short, is quite a wholesome twist.

When it comes to Goldenglue, fans are pretty much as divided as possible. Some have been following his (surprisingly long) career for years and have been waiting for that oh-so-elusive breakthrough moment. It’s a moment that, one could argue, never really came. Still, it wasn’t for lack of trying. Goldenglue’s work ethic and dedication are what most pro players can only dream about. He started in the LCS on many occasions in the past, and he never really delivered. Regardless, his underwhelming stage performances (despite being heralded as a “scrim beast”) never hindered his drive and will to compete at the highest levels. That’s why he’s been a mainstay in either Academy or LCS for so many years.

Will he go down in history as one of the better North American mid laners of all time? Not exactly. Heck, not even close — and that’s fine. He’s the ultimate good guy, a wholesome person and a dedicated esport player respected by peers and analysts. In that sense, his legacy isn’t one of immense success but rather of moderate excellence. We saw his highs and weren’t left indifferent, but he could never deliver consistently. Whether that’s because he “didn’t have it in him” or because he never got the right support and guidance is a debate for another time and place.

2021, however, will allow him to write another chapter of his peculiar career. Goldenglue retiring is not the biggest bombshell of the off-season, but it feels like the correct move on his part. Becoming a part of the 100 Thieves camp is what most players and analysts dream of. One could argue that there’s no better place for Goldenglue to hone his coaching skills than one of the slickest and most swag-heavy teams in the LCS.

A Spectacular Turnaround

100 Thieves didn’t accomplish much ever since their initial mind-blowing run back in 2018. They became a permanent partner, hit the ground running, and then — after a spectacular showing — kind of faded into obscurity. 2020 was no different in that regard. They were far from competitive and weren’t even close to being regarded as an actual challenger, despite having some fairly solid players under their banner. Fans were incredibly disappointed with the moves (or lack thereof) 100 Thieves made over the years. There’s a good reason why. It just felt like they didn’t want to compete at the highest levels, which is quite a bitter realization — especially given how, as an organization, they have all the right tools to succeed.

But there’s change on the horizon, and if 100T pulls it off, we’ll undoubtedly witness one of the biggest and most impressive turnarounds in recent LCS history. One glance at the 100T starting line-up for 2021 is all you need to realize that they mean business.

This is a roster worthy of the highest praise. You’d be wise to keep an eye on them going forward. Then, of course, we have their coaching staff — arguably one of the most stacked ones in the LCS.

If you’ve been following competitive League over the years, you’re surely well-acquainted with nearly all of these names and faces. Jang-sik “Lustboy” Ham, Aleš “Freeze” Kněžínek, and Goldenglue stand out in all the right ways — seasoned veterans and players who’ve been through it all.

What a stacked coaching staff! Having some of the best players around is excellent and all, but they can only accomplish so much without the right guidance and a solid enough foundation on which they can build upon. These things are paramount. It seems that 100 Thieves made all the right moves during the off-season to enter 2021 and potentially reach Top 3 yet again. It’s a lofty goal, that’s for sure, but far from an unreasonable one.

In any case, watching them play next year will be an absolute must!


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