God of War For PC Potentially Leaked Through GeForce NOW Datamine

by in General | Sep, 14th 2021

It goes without saying, but the Nvidia GeForce NOW leak really took us all by surprise — it came out of nowhere and caused a seismic amount of buzz and excitement. And, well, it’s easy to understand why. But amongst the many games that were listed, one title, in particular, caught everyone’s attention: God of War for PC. Just writing such a sentence makes one water at the mouth — isn’t that what millions of gamers have been dreaming of for years? Isn’t that a match made in heaven?

“After that I saw some games such as God of War which couldn’t be added to the GeForce NOW even theoretically. This game is a PlayStation exclusive and most likely not coming to other platforms any time soon. But why is it here then? It says the game is located in the Steam store, but it’s nowhere found on Steam. Maybe it’s the leak of the game release which is coming soon?” said Ighor July, a software developer from Ukraine who’s behind the whole leak.

God of War for PC was leaked on GeForce NOW

And maybe we wouldn’t get so excited if it were just a string of code or something similar. But to see the game adorned with the GeForce NOW user interface conjures up a feeling unlike any other — 2018’s God of War is one of the best games of all time, a title that basically transcends its medium — and having it available on PC would no doubt result in an obscene amount of profit for Sony and happiness for everyone else.

Truly a win-win situation.

Will It Happen?

The only question now is: was it a leak of the many triple A titles that are currently in development, or just a weird snafu and an indication that some developers over at GeForce NOW got a bit carried away. It’s impossible to know at this point in time, which is both hugely exciting and also somewhat frustrating.

Still, we know for a fact that Sony wants to port some of its biggest PlayStation exclusives over to PC — and it doesn’t get any more exclusive than God of War. Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and Uncharted have all gotten “the nod,” and there’s rumblings of Ghost of Tsushima being in the “port pipeline” as well. So why not throw God of War into the mix as well?

Sony knows it’d be a home run, so while we’re definitely cautious about this leak, we are leaning towards it being a sign of the things to come. Fingers crossed!


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