Glitched Apex Legends Mapless Match Leads to Massive Fistfight

by in Apex Legends | Jan, 13th 2020

Apex Legends is known for some odd glitches happening in the game from forcing a third-person perspective for your character to reloading while you are playing as Wraith and using her abilities. But this latest glitch is one that trumped all of those in terms of weirdness.

Reddit User Ends Up in Mapless Match

A Reddit user recently posted a thread on the sub-Reddit page for the battle royale game. They noted the strange glitch in their match. User Anonymous BnS revealed that a recent match had no map whatsoever.

We don’t mean that the players had no minimap or normal map that they could check out. There was no map for them to load onto. This never-before-seen bizarre Apex Legends mapless match dropped players into a blank white space of nothingness.

For some odd reason, the map of World’s Edge didn’t load for the players in this glitched match. They were left with a tiny white rectangle as their arena for fighting on. Despite this Apex Legends mapless match, much of the usual gameplay remained intact for the affected players.

Dropped into a map-less game and everyone fist-fought to the death from r/apexlegends

The match started the same way as any other match you would play. Players on the dropship went into the area to start the match off. Players could still jump out of the dropship when they wanted to and land wherever they would like.

There weren’t many options for space for landing on this map. Players were stuck in the same restricted area with the rest of the 59 players participating in the traditional three-player squads set up.

In addition to dropping out of the ship and still choose where to land like in other matches, players could still fight and use their abilities in the Apex Legends mapless match. All the abilities seemed to work exactly as they should for each of the legend characters.

In the clip, the player is playing as Wraith in the odd match and uses the portal ability to go into the shadow realm and start maneuvering about the other players for a little bit without having to worry about getting hit.

Mapless Match Caused Other Problems for Players

However, that is where the similarities with the normal battle royale matches end. There were no weapons to pick up. Because of the Apex Legends mapless match, there were no buildings to explore, loot to find, or anything at all.

It means the only weapons players had to use in the match was their fists and the abilities they brought with them. While it is possible a Lifeline character could use their ultimate ability to bring down a supply drop and pick up equipment, we didn’t see that in the clip.

In a surprising turn of events, though, the players in this match didn’t get phased at all by the bizarre glitch and just went into action like nothing ever happened. As soon as the player who posted the video lands on the clear field, they are attacked and can see other players fighting with fists.

With such a tiny area to fight on, the entire match is nothing but absolute chaos. The visual glitches that also occurred made it worse, likely due to the map not loading properly. In the clip, you can see there are considerable visual problems with the game and the actions in the match.

Players have some burned screen effect where it looks like the actions they have made like moving their fists have been burned into the screen. This is likely an aftereffect of the actual main problem of the map not loading in, but it also made the game harder to fight in.

The Reddit user has a hard time seeing what is going on around them because the HUD is filled with unfortunate visual effects. Unfortunately, the player cuts off the hilariously glitched map video a portion of the way in, so we don’t get to see how the match ended.

Why This Mapless Match Could Have Happened

Regardless of this, it led to players in the comments on the video wondering what happened. There is one possibility. Players having the chance to access the training area before the match starts.

Possibly, a large portion of the players were in the training area before the match starting which could’ve led to a hard time loading the normal map. This could have confused the game and made it load some blank testing area.

Players theorized the map vaguely seen below the rectangle is the original King’s Canyon map that isn’t available in the game currently. It is possible the game was going to load that map for some reason and caused problems for the server.

The reason it might have wanted to load that map is because of the upcoming Grand Soirée event starting this week. This new limited-time event takes the Season 3, we are currently in out with a bang.

Players can enjoy a new limited-time game mode every couple of days in the event. Some of these are returning event modes and others are brand new ones like playing from a third-person perspective officially.

As part of these modes, one of them brings back the original battle royale map of King’s Canyon. With the update and event about to happen soon, there could be some behind-the-scenes server issues that caused this strange glitch to happen We have to wait and see if this glitch continues or if Respawn addresses it in the future.


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