Getting the Valorant Left-Hand Glitch? Here’s the Fix

by in Valorant | Oct, 29th 2020

Oh, Valorant patch 1.11, you were such a cursed beast. But with it came the ability to play in Left Hand mode. For those of us who are left handed, this is an awesome thing to see. It came with a cost – the Valorant Left-Hand glitch, which is in dire need of a fix! Though the 1.11 patch was taken back, the Left Hand glitch is definitely still a thing that exists. So if you’re stuck with this glitch, what can you do?

100T steel Brought Attention to the Glitch

100 Thieves’ very own Josh ‘steel’ Nissan brought attention to this update via a tweet. Now admittedly, Valorant’s devs rolled the update back not even ten minutes later, this was very much an issue that was ruining gameplay for many. This glitch leaves players unable to get rid of Left-Hand mode, which can cause pretty major problems when using the Magnum Sniper Rifle (awping).

Valorant Left Hand Glitch Fix

  • Log into Valorant
  • Join a Custom Game
  • Enable Cheats, and then lock in your character.
  • Open up General Settings
  • Turn off Left Hand Mode in the new option screen

We’re glad that Valorant tried to cater to players who are left-handed/prefer left-handed controls. We are very curious about how this kind of glitch came to be in Valorant, but at least the actual fix for the left-hand glitch is incredibly easy to do. It shouldn’t have to be that way, but here we are anyway. So kudos to Steel for doing the job and pointing this out!


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