Get Lower Latency in Rainbow Six Siege With New Nvidia Game Driver

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Mar, 30th 2021

If you’re having problems with latency in Rainbow Six Siege, Nvidia’s latest update should be able to help you out. A new Nvidia Game Ready Driver drops this week, and Outriders, as well as Rainbow Six Siege, should see benefits from it. The update sounds focused around Rainbow Six Siege though, which adds support for Nvidia Reflex to reduce system latency. All you’ll have to do is download and install the new driver and patch.

Enable Nvidia Reflex For Lower Latency

Latency is essentially input lag. Nothing’s more frustrating in an online shooter than trying to land perfect shots, and the PC/game not letting you. If you’re an Nvidia user, and you have the latest update, you’ll be able to have lower latency (up to 30%) in Rainbow Six Siege. After installing the latest update and drivers, just activate Nvidia Reflex. It won’t make you better at Siege, but it will help! Your shots will be faster and will help you stay competitive.

Nvidia Reflex is basically a free upgrade for a variety of people that use GeForce GPUs. It’s also nice to see that it will be available for Outriders when it launches on April 1st. Nvidia DLSS will be in Outriders too, so players can give them performance headroom to maximize image quality settings. According to Nvidia, 7 out of the 10 mos popular shooters shipped with Nvidia Reflex support, so you won’t be missing out. According to Nvidia’s data, Nvidia Reflex improves overall latency/response time in every shooter supported.

This update has more than just the Nvidia Reflex latency support for Rainbow Six Siege. You can see the full list of changes coming with these drivers below.

Nvidia Game Ready Driver Changes

  • Optimizations and enhancements for new games, including:
  • Resizable BAR on all GeForce RTX 30 Series desktop graphics cards
  • Includes beta support for virtualization on GeForce GPUs
  • 5 new G-SYNC Compatible gaming monitors, including:
    • Asus XG16A
    • Dell S2522HG
    • LG 7GP850/27GP83B
    • LG 32GP850/32GP83B
    • Xiaomi Mi 245 HF1
  • 15 new GeForce Experience one-click Optimal Game Settings profiles, including
    • Aron’s Adventure
    • Balan Wonderworld
    • Blizzard Arcade Collection
    • Creeper World 4
    • Evil Genius 2: World Domination
    • KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue
    • Last Cloudia
    • Mr. Prepper
    • Old School RuneScape
    • Osu!
    • Outriders
    • Persona 5 Strikers
    • The Fabled Woods


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