Geoff Keighley Teases Special Reveal At This Year’s Game Awards

by in General | Nov, 30th 2021

There’s a little over a week until the grand event known as the Game Awards goes live online. Players from around the world are going to come together to see some of the hottest games in the industry get recognized for their achievements and their influence in the industry. Games like It Takes Two will be holding out for one of the biggest awards of the night, while multiplayer games like Knockout City may get their time to shine in the limelight.

However, the one thing that many players look forward to when it comes to the Game Awards, is one thing: the reveals. These reveals can be anything from a new indie title to a AAA bombshell, such as the time that Joker from Persona 5 got announced for Smash Brothers Ultimate. Reveals of such a high caliber are common for the Game Awards. However, there might be a massive announcement coming this year, since Geoff Keighley is cluing people in on the amount of effort that has been put into a very specific world reveal.

Geoff Keighley Talks About a Special Reveal

Geoff Keighley posted on Twitter a few days ago, stating, “Just saw the final cut of a #thegameawards world premiere we have been working on with a developer for 2.5 years. Truly honored we are entrusted to share this work with the world.”

He then goes on to talk about how how the last time he saw the developers of this special project in person was in 2019 before the pandemic. This specific mention of this new announcement has gaming fans all over the world speculating as to what this special announcement could be for the show.

Community Speculation

Many players have responded to his tweet, weighing in with their speculation as to what this mystery game could be that’s making an appearance at the Game Awards. Some gamers are guessing that the reveal this year is going to be none other than Breath of the Wild 2, seeing that the game is supposed to come out sometime next year, which would make sense to be revealed at the Game Awards. This would also fit the game’s time frame since the announcement of Breath of the Wild was originally shown around two and a half years ago. However, being that the game has gotten two announcements, especially with it being shown once again at the end of Nintendo’s 2021 E3 presentation, there’s a possibility that this isn’t going to be the game.

Another guess from Twitter users is that the mystery game is going to be Half-Life 3. However, Valve has outright stated that Half-Life 3 isn’t on their priority list right now since company is focusing on the Steam Deck, especially with its most recent delay. While it could be possible, it’s highly unlikely.

A Twitter user by the name of @Glas109 suggested that this special world premiere was going to be the DLC for Cuphead, known as the “Delicious Last Course.” Originally, the DLC was slated to come out in  2020 but then was pushed to 2021. However, aside from the announcement on November 25th, 2020 stating that they were delaying the game by a year, there’s not much more information about the DLC since. Studio MDHR has been very tight-lipped about their final chapter in the Cuphead story. With the popularity and prestige of a game like Cuphead, having the Game Awards be involved to officially announce the game’s release would be something spectacular. However, with Geoff mentioning that he was involved in the production for the game for two and a half years, and the announcement to delay Cuphead’s DLC romp coming out just over a year ago, this might not fit the bill players are expecting it to.

Regardless, it seems that just this single tweet alone from Geoff Keighley is continuing to build hype for the Game Awards. With the pandemic on its way out, there’s going to be a larger influx of games next year, and players aren’t going to know what to play first when all of these massive games launch almost every month of the year.


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