Genshin Impact Community is Angry Again, Players Try to Delete Aloy

by in General | Oct, 20th 2021

Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn is the first 5-star character given out for free, and Genshin Impact fans are still upset. With the 2.1 update, the devs worked together with Sony to create a version of Aloy that could be played within Genshin Impact. The PS5 users received her sooner, and the PC/mobile fans had to wait until the October update, patch 2.2. What a baffling situation this is. It’s another example of fans of a game like Genshin Impact can never truly be happy.

Overwhelming Sadness and Anger at Aloy

Many Genshin Impact fans are apparently furious at having Sony’s Aloy in their game, having her a part of the in-game lore in this way. Genshin Impact is far from the first game to do a collaboration event like this, either. It’s genuinely baffling that fans would be so irate over a free 5-star character. Except that it’s not “Who they want.”

A Youtube video went viral (1.3m views) positing “What happens if you delete Aloy” and how you can’t get rid of the Aloy message. It appears that miHoYo disabled the button that lets you delete unclaimed gifts, so players have to just let her sit there instead of picking her up. That player then says they’ll use the mail system against the company. If they just leave the Aloy message there, in 365 days, it will automatically get deleted.

It’s unclear if the Youtube video is serious, but many people are behind this notion. So many comments praise them for taking miHoYo to task in this manner. Not everyone was mad, but so many were. The Genshin Impact devs don’t give out many free things, which has drawn the ire of their fans – but when a 5-star Aloy is given out for free, rage explodes across the internet. Many commenters decided they were going to do the same – wait for a full, actual year to auto-delete Aloy.

However, since miHoYo already went to such a length to prevent deletion, there’s no telling what will happen in a year. They could be forced to accept the character. It’s just unfortunate that people are so upset about such a minor thing.


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