Generation Esports Becomes Exclusive Sponsor of University Interscholastic League in Texas

by in General | Jul, 8th 2020

It sounds like Texas high school esports is getting a new, exclusive sponsor! This comes in the form of Generation Esports for the University Interscholastic League. Generation Esports is a company we’ve covered before, which came from the High School Esports League, so this could be a very good deal for the Texan esports scene just as a whole.

University Interscholastic League

What is the University Interscholastic League? They are Texas’s largest inter-school organization for extracurricular academic, athletic, and recreational schools. That sounds to us like esports in the high school system would fit nicely into that slot.

“Generation Esports is honored to be an exclusive sponsor of the prestigious University Interscholastic League,” said Mason Mullenioux, co-founder and CEO of Generation Esports. “Our company is excited to share our knowledge of esports events and initiatives with Texas.”

More than 3,000 schools in Texas will be introduced to the HSEL and MSEL, and that’s awesome news. We keep seeing Generation Esports and HSEL making moves. We can only hope that it will become a huge boon for the growth of Texas esports.

So, in addition to supporting the UIL, Generation Esports will bring the HSEL and MSEL there. This will give Texas high schools immediate access to their esports tournament platform. Students will be able to take part in awesome tournaments year-round in seasonal tournaments. This will become with the Fall Majors for Super Smash Bros Ultimate for middle and high schools.

Generation Esports will also be hosting a series of major esports tournaments for FIFA 20 (HSEL), Hearthstone (HSEL), Just Dance (MSEL), Madden 20 (HSEL), Mario Kart (MSEL), Minecraft (HSEL and MSEL), NBA 2K20 (HSEL and MSEL), Overwatch (HSEL), Rocket League (HSEL and MSEL), and Super Mash Bros: Ultimate (HSEL and MSEL). That’s just the start of it! Wait, Minecraft esports? How exactly does that work? We can’t help but be curious about the prospect.

“We are pleased to have GenE, an innovative platform dedicated to improving and engaging our communities, as an exclusive sponsor and supporter of the University Interscholastic League,” said Dr. Charles Breithaupt, UIL.’s executive director.

What does this all mean for Texas high school esports? The HSEL Gaming Concepts curriculum will be coming to Texas high schools! This curriculum is designed to harness the passion students have for gaming and funnel it towards academics, and academic success.

This curriculum was developed in partnership Microsoft. It will help teach college/career skills and social-emotional learning through the lens of video games. Many people going into esports could stand to learn if this latest news cycle is any indicator. All we see lately are predators in the scene. Perhaps if these lessons were learned earlier, esports wouldn’t feel so upsetting.

Wherever the curriculum was implemented, students became better engaged in school activities, raised their GPAs, and improved their career prospects. It sounds to us like it’s going to be an excellent thing for Texas just in general.


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