Gen.G Esports Teams Up With Eastern Michigan University for New Esports Program

by in Collegiate Esports | May, 26th 2020

Gen.G Esports is a global esports organization, and it looks like they’ve turned their eye to education, thanks to Eastern Michigan University. A multi-year agreement was reached between the two institutions to put together an esports program that begins this fall.

Whether or not the university will be open in the fall remains to be seen, but that’s all thanks to the plague that is COVID-19. But the actual education will begin before the fall. In fact, it’s already begun!

Esports Begins With Education

The teaching began on May 20! Gen.G is hosting online discussions and will also include a “Women in Gaming Summer Camp” to attract more students to Eastern Michigan University. This isn’t the only time we’ve seen something like this though. Gen.G partnered with the University of Kentucky last year to launch an esports program.

“We’re proud to be the first in Michigan to truly integrate esports and gaming into our campus life and offer our students a platform to find a community here,” said Calvin Phillips, associate vice president for student affairs at Eastern Michigan University. “We know how important selecting a college or university is for a student, and we want to differentiate ourselves with a meaningful opportunity and educational platform at EMU.”

Again, this isn’t a first for Gen.G Esports, but it seems like they have to be succeeding at these esports programs if they continue to do so. One doesn’t keep pushing an agenda if it’s constantly failing. At least, winners don’t do that.

We’ve also seen that this Gen.G and Eastern Michigan University partnership will include The High School Invitational. This is a bi-weekly Super Smash Brothers tournament. Surrounding high schools will challenge the university’s Super Smash Bros. Club which will broadcast live on Twitch.

“Gen.G continues its commitment to promote education as a viable place to take esports and gaming to the next level to connect their communities,” said Jordan Sherman, head of revenue operations at Gen.G Esports. We’re honored to have Eastern Michigan join the University of Kentucky and University of Pennsylvania within our family to provide competition, curriculum and connections.”

Programs like these are great, as long as they aren’t promising students that they’re guaranteed to make a huge splash in esports. I imagine that they are pushing that there is more to esports than simply being a gamer. Broadcasting, production, coaching, managing, talent relations, there are so many things you can do in the esports sphere.

This is a great idea. It sounds like Gen.G is doing a lot to normalize esports in our education system. There’s still plenty of stigmas that come with the word “esports,” but systems like this, where higher education gets on board, can do plenty to help parents and others see exactly what an esports system offers.

Esports can teach communication, teamwork, being a positive person, and being persistent. It’s hard work, but there’s a lot of rewards in it, for those that persevere. We’re glad Gen.G is out there putting this positivity into the air for esports, and helping educate those who are looking for their “in” into the industry.

We wish Gen.G and Eastern Michigan University nothing but success in this endeavor and are certainly curious to see what sort of classes and programs are coming with this esports program. Perhaps we’ll reach out for an interview to learn more!

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