Gen.G Targeting Cloud9 CSGO Roster

by in CS:GO | Nov, 5th 2019

Cloud9 only recently made another round of changes to its CSGO roster, dropping Tenz for Subroza, and already the team looks to be in for several more possible roster changes. According to a report from Dekay, Gen.G, owners of the Seoul Dynasty Overwatch League team and the Gen.G Korean League of Legends squad, are currently in talks with Daps and autimatic as potential pick-ups for the new CSGO line-up, along with SHiPZ from CR4ZY.

A Long Two Years for Cloud9

It is not currently known if Gen.G is considering any other members of the Cloud9 CSGO roster for the move, but if confirmed and agreed upon would mark another setback in an already difficult year for the 2018 Boston Major winners, who have since struggled to achieve any notable success or wins since then.

The team has gone through over a dozen roster changes since that Major and have fallen so far as to not even make it into HLTV’s top 30 teams in the world, a disappointing point for an org with so much prestige in esports.

The possible roster moves look even worse for the team if proven true, especially considering autimatic has been with the squad through all their ups and downs over the past two years, so seeing him and their IGL Daps go may be a deathblow for C9 in CSGO.

For their part, Gen.G has never been a part of the CSGO pro scene, though it does have a strong shooter pedigree with their former Call of Duty roster, and is known for paying its players very high salaries which can prove quite alluring.

Analysis – An End of An Era

The loss of autimatic and Daps may be the straw that finally breaks the camel’s back for Cloud9.

Roster change after roster change has failed to improve the team since their Major-winning roster fell apart shortly after Boston last year, and many hoping the recent rebuilding of the squad with Mixwell would be different have come away highly disappointed and mentally/emotionally drained.

As a Cloud9 fan, it’s hard to watch this team barely scrape by against tier 2 teams while getting absolutely smashed by anyone above them, and things only look to be getting worse as time goes on.

Given C9’s struggles in most of its other esports, with a painful performance at Worlds in League of Legends and the decline of their world champion Rocket League squad, the org may finally be looking to cash out and turn its attention to other more pressing titles beyond CSGO that they feel they can actually improve in.

Hopefully, the changes are merely a sign of the next chapter of C9 CSGO and not a complete departure from the scene.

Neither Gen.G nor Cloud9 has released a statement on the rumors surrounding a potential CSGO roster at this time.


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