Gen.G and Bumble Form All-Female Valorant Team

by in Valorant | Oct, 28th 2020

The notion of all-female esports teams are really starting to kick off, huh? This week we discussed Cloud9 White, an all-female Valorant team, and now another has popped up! Gen.G already had a partnership with the social networking/dating app Bumble, and they have expanded that partnership today. How? Gen.G and Bumble are teaming up to create an all-female Valorant team! Team Bumble’s about to become bigger and better than before.

In Pursuit of Equality and Championship Gold

Gen.G’s is going to utilize the help of Team Bumble’s Madison ‘Maddiesuun’ Mann, a Fortnite player on the squad. Madison is going to be a mentor and talent scout to help find Valorant players for the Gen.G/Team Bumble team.

Does there need to be all-female squads in gaming/esports? Yes, absolutely yes. We’re not saying that women can’t play against/with men, far from it. Right now, there’s a lot of really negative people in esports though. In particular, people who say that women on a team with men are “getting carried” or are sleeping their way into spots. That’s disgusting, so stop alleging that kind of nonsense.

There’s nothing wrong with co-ed esports teams, and we’re glad to see that slowly becoming more prevalent. As we said in the Cloud9 article, the all-female Cloud9 White are going to be playing against men and women alike. It’s not an “all-female league”, but a team of women who are incredible FPS players. 

Having all-female teams in esports shows women who are interested in gaming/esports that they too, can get into the industry. That’s important. Speaking of which, Julia Smith, Head of US Partnerships at Bumble spoke about this mission:

“At Bumble, our mission is to empower women around the world to make the first move in every facet of their lives. We are excited to expand Team Bumble and continue our work with Gen.G in an effort to empower women gamers and create a safe and supportive community for them to come together.

“We are thrilled to welcome a new team of women to Team Bumble and are looking forward to furthering our goal to achieve equity for women in online spaces.”

Team Bumble began back in 2019 when Gen.G fielded an all-female Fortnite team. Now, Gen.G and Bumble are coming together to form an all-female Valorant team, and we’re excited to see it. Gen.G already has a male Valorant team who competes in CSGO (LiViD Gaming), but this new squad is important for equality and representation in esports. 

It’s incredibly important for women to know that they have a place in esports. It’s a male-dominated scene, so men don’t need to know they belong; they’re men, so they’re naturally able to get into esports. It’s a much harder road for women, but it shouldn’t be. 

On that note, Nate Stanz, GM of Gen.G spoke about this:

“By expanding Team Bumble with an all-women VALORANT team, we are laser-focused on finding the best untapped female talent on the planet.

“We will be integrated into the North American scene quickly, including scrims with and against our current roster. We commit to providing the correct competitive tools for the quickest path to success for all our players.”

This is a huge deal in esports, and we’re looking forward to a time when saying “women in esports” isn’t going to sound like a backhanded compliment at best or an insult at worst. Women are just as good as the fellas in gaming. We’re hoping to see big things from Team Bumble’s Valorant team. Team Bumble is also going to seek out creators, castors, and mentors for the Team Bumble community at large.


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