Garfield Gets Added to Nick All-Star Brawl, Coming December 9th

by in Fighting Game News | Dec, 8th 2021

When it comes to iconic cartoon characters, characters like Mickey Mouse come to mind, and even characters like SpongeBob have found their way into the cartoon hall of fame. Nickelodeon has its lexicon of iconic characters, and they’ve been using them for their own purposes, the most recent being their Smash Brothers clone Nick All-Star Brawl. While the gameplay for the game is very good, as we mentioned in our review, the game is still lacking in spots. But the company is doing something to regain interest in the title: adding a new character from a very unlikely place, the world of comics.

Nick All-Star Brawl Adds Garfield

Adding a character as recognizable to the game like Garfield to Nick All-Star Brawl seems like something that wouldn’t happen, even as DLC in a game run by Nickelodeon. However, Garfield has recently joined the Nickelodeon family, making him relevant enough to the overarching brand to give him the spot in the game.

Recently, Viacom purchased the company in charge of the Garfield brand, Paws Inc. However, this doesn’t mean that Jim Davis’ beloved Cat character isn’t under complete control of Viacom, but it does make the Monday hating, lasagna loving cat close enough to nick to give him the spot in the game.

A trailer was posted yesterday welcoming the character into the game, but many fans have been expecting the reveal of this character for a while now thanks to files found in the game. What has been known about the character is a general idea of how his moves worked, as well as a nearly completed stage that takes place in the dreams of Garfield, putting players on a giant lasagna dish floating in the middle of a giant food world.

There was also audio for the character in the game as well, with the in-game announcer shouting out Garfield’s name. There are also other characters mentioned in the game as well, with the second most completed character in the game being Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Fans had expected it to be only a matter of time before the lasagna munching cat found his way into the game, and now according to the trailer posted by the developers, it’s only a matter of days until Garfield joins the fight in Nick All-Star Brawl.

How Garfield Might Play

Even though there are files in the game that show off Garfield’s moves, there’s a possibility that these have been changed. So, for the most concrete information about the character, looking at the gameplay in the trailer, it’s possible to develop an idea of how Garfield will work in the game.

For one, it looks like Garfield is going to be a mostly melee-focused character, which makes sense for a cat, whose claws are their main weapons. Garfield’s abilities are a little different than some of the other characters in the game, but it’s possible that he’s going to function similarly to a lot of heavy hitter characters in Smash Bros, with a lot of his moves being focused on dealing a lot of damage to anyone who’s around him.

Much like his stage, it seems that food is also a part of Garfield’s arsenal. At the beginning of his gameplay, he’s shown throwing a pie into the face of SpongeBob, and then chowing down on a lasagna as his down tilt. Food is even used in his strong attacks, which shows him pulling out a massive drumstick to hit enemies as his forward strong move. One thing that a lot of competitive players are going to be very interested in is Garfield’s strong down air, which is a devastating spike that’s very reminiscent of King K. Rool’s down air. There’s only one special move in the game shown definitively, Garfield’s teddy bear, Pooky. Garfield can be shown sitting it down somewhere and then recalling the bear, which does damage as it flies into Garfield’s arms.

Garfield also showcased a move where he swings his arms all around him, dealing damage to anyone within his direct vicinity. Whether or not this is a special move is left up to the interpretation of the viewer. However, players won’t have to wait long to get their answers, as Garfield is going to be coming to the game on December 9th. With such a short amount of time left, is this going to be the one thing that is going to reinvigorate the game’s player base, to get them to download the game once more? Or is it going to remain in irrelevance as its cons continue to outweigh its pros?


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