Gameboy Collector Finishes Full Title Collection Within 2 Years

by in General | Sep, 13th 2021

There’s a lot of handhelds now, but the one company that’s dominated the market for handheld games has always been Nintendo. While they’re not making the most powerful handhelds on the market, their small form factor and accompanying games have been the main reason that players have chosen their consoles over the competition. Nintendo’s success in the portable gaming market is all thanks to their first console, the Game Boy.

The large, but impressive 8-bit handheld console was home to a lot of impressive games, like Super Mario Land, Super Mario Land 2, Donkey Kong Land, Pokémon, and even Metroid 2: The Return of Samus. The handheld would then go on to get revision after revision, with the Game Boy Pocket, the Game Boy Color, and eventually, the upgrade to the console known as the Game Boy Advance. However, there’s one person who loved the Game Boy so much, that they’ve managed to collect all 1244 games for the console in an impressive timeframe.

Marumi’s Collection

Enter Twitter user @marumi_1985, otherwise known as Marumi. This Japanese gamer has managed to acquire all 1244 titles for the Game Boy, as they’ve shown on their Twitter page. This impressive amount of cartridges has also managed to be acquired in an equally impressive timeframe.

Marumi managed to complete their collection in the short span of two years. How did they manage to pull this stunt off? The answer lies within the same site they posted their completed collection on. Marumi used Twitter to complete their Game Boy collection. Spanning the full set of titles for the console, minus the not-for-sale and hardware handling cartridges.

Marumi’s complete collection of games (credit @Marumi_1985 on Twitter)

The internet is huge for retro gaming, and online marketplaces are perfect for finding old consoles and titles. However, with the retro market continuing to see increases in the price of games and consoles, it’s becoming harder for fans to get their hands on old games. This would put certain titles on the Game Boy at a higher price than their original retail values.

Two of the rarer titles in Marumi’s collection can be seen in the pictures posted: Puzzle Boy 2, goes for anywhere between $200-$1700 USD in North America., and another game in the collection, Trip World, ranges in price from $95-$1700 USD. With the latter only appearing in Japan and Europe, the game goes for a high price, and if the game is sealed, it can go for upwards of $2300. Sealed games always go for more money, seeing that the value of a game is worth more if it hasn’t been played. This is why a copy of Super Mario 64 sold for over a million dollars.

Marumi doesn’t mention how much they spent on the whole collection, or if they had any of the games, to begin with. However, using the internet, and receiving gifts from other members of the community to complete the collection, they managed to pull it off.

With Nintendo’s hesitance to make their games playable on newer hardware, the only way to play games legally is to purchase the limited selection on the virtual console or to find a way to play them by purchasing games for higher prices than normal.

Such is the case for other games on different systems. A game like Resident Evil 2 for GameCube can reach prices as high as $120.

Regardless, this is an impressive collection that Marumi has cultivated, and with all the games for the console in one place, it’s visually impressive to see just how popular the handheld was while it was in its life cycle.


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