Game Boy Games Are Rumored to be Coming to Nintendo Switch Online

by in General | Sep, 7th 2021

Nintendo has been on the online bandwagon for a while now. Their new Nintendo Online Service allows players to use functionality with other games from their cellphone as well as voice chat. However, many fans are unhappy with the way that the company is handling online support for their titles, seeing that the connections on hot ticket games like Splatoon and Smash Brothers are shotty at best.

Nintendo has attempted to make their online appealing to fans of their products, however, as they have been working on implementing other things that players can do with the service aside from playing their favorite online games on the platform. One of these things that Nintendo has done with their service is the implementation of their retro libraries on the console. As of now, only two systems are available for the console, this being the NES and the SNES, with almost 100 games to choose from between them. Some of the console’s biggest titles are available on the platform, with every Mario game from Mario Bros. to Super Mario World available on the Switch.

While these versions of Nintendo’s oldest consoles are available, many fans are wondering if they’re planning on expanding their market to include other consoles, mainly the GameCube and Nintendo 64. This is due to the fact that Nintendo has foregone their Virtual Console Program that was used during the Wii U’s lifetime. The Wii U had the most full Virtual Console Program aside from the Wii, letting players purchase titles for the console without having to pay a large price for a pre-owned copy of the game. This made titles like Metroid Zero Mission, and Metroid Fusion easier to access rather than looking for a cartridge for $90.

Rumors of Game Boy Games Coming to NSO

However, Nintendo hasn’t made any moves to bring these games back onto the Switch in the way that the Wii U did, but rumors are floating about that the next step in Nintendo’s online program is adding Game Boy and Game Boy Color games to the platform.

While no concrete evidence has come out about these titles, Eurogamer mentioned that they’ve been able to confirm the news that this is the next console to come to the Nintendo Switch. This would add a third library to the game’s ecosystem, although, what games are going to be included is a mystery.

What Games Could be Added

With the vast library of Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles coming to the Nintendo Switch, it seems that the company is looking to expand their library of retro games. However, they’re going to have to add some hard hitters to convince players to pick up NSO if they want to play them. A good example of big hit games being added to the Switch would be Super Mario Land, Super Mario Land 2, and Wario Land. These three games were responsible for bringing Mario to the handheld gaming world, so it’s a no-brainer that they’d be included. Another set that should make their way to the NSO program would be the Donkey Kong Land games. These games were tie-ins for the original Donkey Kong Country titles, using the same naming convention as the Mario Land titles to distinguish the handheld titles from the other titles in the game.

Could we see Game Boy classics Oracle of Ages and Seasons added to the Switch (credit IMGBIN)

Another trilogy of games that should make their way to the service is The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening, Oracle of Ages, and Oracle of Seasons. The latter two games had connectivity between one another, which would award Link with a whole separate plot between both titles, to avoid using the link cable and two Game Boys, beating one of the games without playing the other first awards Link with a cecret code. Entering this code upon starting a new game in the other title will change the events of the story and link the two together to form one cohesive narrative. This was used in multiple ways and would still be doable in the NSO version of the title. However, porting Link’s Awakening, or Link’s Awakening DX might not happen due to the fact that the game was remade for the Nintendo Switch.

What Adding GB Titles Could Mean

The addition of Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles to NSO could mean a lot of things, especially with the rumors about the addition stating that “other platforms are in the cards.” Many fans have been waiting for more platforms to make their way to the Nintendo Switch, the most requested being the Nintendo 64, and the GameCube. With Super Mario Sunshine and Mario 64 being on the 3D All-Stars Collection, as well as the game being discontinued, there’s a good likelihood that 3D All-Stars was a test to see if Gamecube and Nintendo 64 titles could be emulated on the Switch. This would mean that these consoles are being considered, but looking at the release of the platforms, they might be a ways away. Seeing that the SNES titles for NSO were revealed in September of 2019, that’s a 2-year gap between now and when SNES titles came out.

However, with a Nintendo Direct seemingly on the way this month, there’s a chance that this is going to be the month that this announcement is confirmed if there’s any truth to it. Judging by the way that the platforms are being released, a possible launch of Nintendo 64 would be next, followed by the GameCube, and then the GBA. This would follow a similar release pattern to the console’s releases and would prove to be the choice for the company. However, licensing for titles on the N64 and GameCube would have to be relegated to first-party titles unless it’s planned. With Mircosoft being in control of titles like Banjo Kazooie, it could be impossible for the game to launch on Nintendo’s N64 library, despite its legacy on the Nintendo 64. Nintendo also has a habit of removing other versions of their games from stores if they’re planning on making a remake of these titles as well.

Regardless, all of the information about the possibility of Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles coming to the Switch is all rumors at the moment, but If Nintendo holds their schedule and issues another Nintendo Direct this month, that would be the time to see the reveal come to fruition.


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