G2 Slammed Sentinels and Shook the Standings at Valorant Masters Berlin

by in Valorant | Sep, 15th 2021

Sentinels have been the kings of LAN in Valorant. They’ve dropped a few maps here and there, but they’ve never dropped a set. This track record earned Sentinels a target on their head, and teams like G2 have been training hard to take down Sentinels at Valorant Masters Berlin. Now, G2 managed to best Sentinels and serve them their very first loss at Valorant Masters Berlin and LAN competition as a whole. Despite Sentinels’ dominant performance thus far and a loss to the NA powerhouse a few days ago, G2 came into today’s set with a plan and a vendetta against the seemingly unstoppable roster. To top it all off, G2 didn’t even drop a map. What was the key to G2’s dominant victory?

Put ‘em on Ice

In their previous clash during the Group Stage, Sentinels dropped Icebox against G2. It was clear G2 had an advantage when it came to this map, and they had Sentinels number start to finish during Valorant Masters Berlin. Unfortunately, on that same day, they couldn’t close out the other two maps and lost 1-2. This time, G2 came out swinging on Icebox. It was less of a win and more of a stomp.

A 13-3 win wasn’t the expected result from the first map of this series, not even close. Despite Sentinels previously losing on Icebox and being given the opportunity to improve on this map, G2 had an even stronger performance than last time. G2’s keloqz managed a 5.4 KDA against the previous champs, and his Jett performance was a highlight of G2’s win.

Divide and Conquer


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