G2 Mikyx Still Hasn’t Found a Team for 2022, Beefs with Ocelote on Twitter

by in League of Legends | Dec, 7th 2021

Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle, one of the best and most accomplished supports in LEC history, still hasn’t found a team for the 2022 competitive season and will, therefore, wait things out on the sidelines and focus on streaming. What a truly crushing bit of news and, as is so often the case, G2’s CEO Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago might have something to do with it.

Mikyx is as revered a player as they come, and even though his performance took a hit in 2021, the same can be said for G2 as a whole; it’s quite impossible to accurately judge whether he — as an individual — regressed, or if there were some serious, underlying issues with the entire team (which, in turn, affected his play). Based on all that we’ve seen, we’re definitely leaning towards the latter.

The fact that Mikyx, with all his trophies and medals, couldn’t find a team to call home is mighty disappointing. Heck, that’s putting it mildly! This is a monumental loss for the LEC as a whole, even though there’s no doubt he’ll eventually mount a “comeback.” Now, we know for a fact that multiple teams were interested in signing him.

So what exactly went awry is anyone’s guess. In the end, as is so often the case, the player got the shortest end of the stick.

Drama Galore

If you thought that G2 Esports were done generating drama, think again. As always, an element of (potential) foul play is present, which makes this whole kerfuffle all the more interesting. Right after Mikyx made his (involuntary) hiatus official, ocelote took to Twitter to shed some light on the matter.


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