G2 is the First EMEA Team to Make Playoffs at Valorant Masters Berlin

by in Valorant | Sep, 14th 2021

So far, G2 is the first EMEA team to make it to the Playoffs at Valorant Masters Berlin. The group stage has been rough for any non-NA team, and, despite G2 being the EMEA super team, they fell to Sentinels in convincing fashion. How’d G2 make it to the Playoffs, and what are the chances of them taking down Sentinels?

F4Q is Out

Unfortunately for F4Q, they are no longer in Playoff contention after their loss to G2. This South Korean roster is known for stopping Vision Striker’s rampage in the Korean scene, but, unfortunately, they weren’t able to join the other rep from their region in the Playoffs. G2 had their moments of weakness against F4Q, but there was never a doubt they’d be able to close out the series and lock in an EMEA Playoffs spot at Valorant Masters Berlin.

Despite F4Q’s aggressive playstyle, G2 shut them down without much hassle. Even the rounds that F4Q took weren’t clean, and G2 always kept their economy in a good spot. G2’s initial set against F4Q wasn’t near as clean, and they dropped the first map of the series before getting two wins and taking the set. G2 were also the first team to take a map off Sentinels, the seemingly unstoppable NA powerhouse. Sentinels still look like one of the best teams in the world, but they seem mortal after dropping their first map of the event.

The Grudge Match

Now, G2’s next match is against Sentinels. Both teams won their sets against F4Q and secured a route out of the Group Stage, so this match doesn’t have high stakes. However, it is G2’s chance to take a set off of Sentinels and make themselves the first team to take down the NA powerhouse. Considering how strong they looked today and how good their initial set against Sentinels was, we could see the Kings of Valorant fall in tomorrow’s match. Either way, it’s good to have G2, an EMEA team, with a secured Playoff route at Valorant Masters Berlin.


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