G2 Formally Announces Women’s Valorant Roster, New Adidas Collaboration

by in Valorant | Oct, 21st 2021

Women’s Valorant has seen a lot of activity and excitement due to the recent conclusions of both NA and EMEA VCT: Game Changers events, which saw Cloud9 White sweep the event earning their third win in North America, while French squad TENSTAR Nova went all the way after defeating former XSET Women’s CSGO’s roster who were playing under the name ‘The Originals.’ With Series 2 set to begin next week, organizations are looking to pick up new talent and secure rosters that can compete well together not only in Game Changers events, but other tier 2 events in the Valorant community.

Enter G2, who we speculated would be picking up a female Valorant roster sometime soon and the announcement of a new roster ahead of the next VCT: Gamer Changers event for EMEA

Meet G2 Gozen – G2’s Women’s Valorant Team

As we reported before, G2 picked up a women’s Valorant team that they’ll be calling G2 Gozen. The announcement was made yesterday on Twitter in a flashy video production that showcases each individual player on G2 Gozen, along with their solid in-game plays. The players on G2 Gozen are:

  • Julia “juliano” Kiran
  • Zainab “zAAz” Turkie
  • Petra “Petra” Stoker
  • Michaela “mimi” Lintrup
  • Anja “aNNja” Vasalic


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