G2 Esports Finally Land Adidas Deal After Two Years

by in General | Jan, 14th 2021

There have been whispers for months, years now, but we can finally confirm it. G2 Esports now has a deal with Adidas, a popular sports brand and sneaker designer. This deal will last for two years, and hopefully, we see some fantastic, unique sneakers come out of the deal. We’ve seen Adidas work with a variety of esports teams before. Most recently, they worked with Team Vitality for Dragon Ball-inspired shoes. But now, G2 Esports can add Adidas to its list of sponsors and partners.

G2 Sneakers When?

This was all announced today during a press conference, with a G2 and Adidas deal kicking off. For the next two years, Adidas will provide “technical merchandise” for G2 Esports. Some of this merchandise will no doubt be available for fans to purchase. That’s the best part of deals like this. A new jersey will be revealed for the 2021 season, a collaboration between Adidas and G2 Esports as per this deal. 

“We are very proud of the new partnership with G2 esports, one of the leading entertainment organizations in the gaming industry,” said vice president brand of Adidas Central Europe. “With this partnership, we continue being a part of the growing gaming culture and are excited to tap into G2’s creativity and experience within this area. As a Berlin-based brand with global relevance, G2 will help us drive brand presence not only in our home market but also reach global gaming communities.”

It sounds like this jersey will be something comfortable to wear, too. That’s not always the case. It will be breathable, reportedly, and show a cool hologram image of G2’s CEO, Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez. Sure, that won’t make it comfortable, but it will look cool. I like the idea of it being breathable for sure. If I’m going to buy/wear a jersey, I want to not melt in it. 

“Today is a landmark day in G2 history,” said Ocelote. “To announce a partnership with a global sports brand like Adidas is a truly special moment for all of us. To join the Adidas family as one of their partners, alongside global brands such as Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Bayern Munich, is a real game-changer for us and the wider esports industry. Esports has been booming for a while, and 2020 was yet another superb year for its growth. As a lifelong gamer and now proud team owner, this partnership is truly a watershed moment and a childhood dream of mine. I could not be more stoked about the potential of this partnership between Adidas and G2 throughout the next years.”

I love this announcement, to be honest. I’m a huge fan of G2 and their Twitter banter, and they have one of the coolest logos in all of esports. You know it, I know it. The G2 logo is rad, and it’s the best of the Fall Guys skins too. G2 isn’t new to the sponsorship game either. BMW, Mastercard, Pringles, Red Bull, Dominos, and now they’re working with the kings of sportswear, Adidas!


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