G2 Esports and Team Vitality Make Much Needed LoL Coaching Staff Changes

by in League of Legends | Apr, 21st 2021

After failing to deliver in the most recent split, both G2 Esports and Team Vitality have decided to make a couple of noticeable changes to their LoL coaching staff for the LEC Summer Split. This sort of decision is not only commendable but also somewhat of a necessity — both teams need to grow and evolve if they intend on leaving a mark come Summer Split.

G2, of course, didn’t fail nearly as much as Vitality, but one could argue that their third-place finish is an even bigger travesty than Vitality’s seemingly eternal bottom-tier status. The former “Kings of Europe” had all the right tools to once again hoist the LEC trophy (for the millionth time, it feels like), and yet they succumbed to two challengers who were far less experienced and who had fewer weapons to work with than the most decorated and revered team in LEC history.

Complacency comes at a cost, and G2 — no matter what anyone says — started resting on their laurels. It’s somewhat understandable, frankly, given just how many times they steamrolled through all opposition; they thought they could “get away with it,” much like they did on so many different occasions in the past. This time around, though, they met their match and were unprepared for the task at hand.

Vitality’s position, however, is much, much worse.

Team Vitality | A Struggling Bottom-Tier Dweller

There’s really nothing to commend Vitality for. This might sound harsh, but it’s by no means incorrect. Ever since franchising kicked in, they’ve pretty much been a bottom-tier dweller regardless of the broader context — as in whom they have competing under their banner, what the meta is like, whom they’re playing against, and so on.

Regardless, Vitality needs to change in huge, sweeping ways if they intend on making their 2021 season count.

G2 Esports | A Small But Important Change

The former League of Legends “Kings of Europe” have decided to bolster their coaching staff by bringing in Nelson Sng as their strategic coach. This Singaporean native has been in the scene for nearly ten years and has been employed in various different capacities for a slew of different organizations. Nelson was supposedly quite a hot commodity over the last couple of weeks, with numerous LEC organizations reaching out. In the end, though, he opted for a position on G2 Esports’ LoL coaching staff for the Summer Split— hardly a surprise.

Fabian “GrabbZ” Lohmann will still lead the team as head coach.

This signing still hasn’t been officially confirmed, but it’s reportedly only a matter of time before G2 makes the announcement.

The only question now is: will this interesting addition to the G2 LEC coaching staff make a big enough difference? No one’s actually doubting G2 Esports, but it’s impossible not to wonder. Nelson is definitely a great strategic mind and having someone with his understanding of the game and its depth will surely empower G2 in all the right ways.

Either way, we can’t wait to see the former “Kings of Europe” back in action! In the meantime, though, their successors will have the honor of competing on the biggest of stages! They’re not as experienced, but what they lack in veterancy they more than make up for in sheer grit and creativity, so make sure to tune in on May 6!


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