G2 CSGO RMR Capsules Aren’t Being Removed From Steam

by in CS:GO | Mar, 1st 2021

Good news, despite earlier news, the G2 CSGO RMR Capsule is not leaving Steam! Now, miscommunications happen, and we understand that. This one, however, potentially cost fans and players of CSGO a pretty serious amount of money, depending on how many Capsules they bought. Through an Instagram post, G2 Esports revealed that it was the last day to get an RMR Capsule from Steam. This was not the case and was quickly refuted by Valve. G2 has walked this back and made a public statement about it. 

G2 Capsules Not Going Away

We can see why this would outrage people. When these RMR Capsule purchases go away, for G2 or otherwise in CSGO, the demand will skyrocket. People will likely buy them en masse and hold them until such a time when the demand/price will be high. Then you, as the player, can re-sell them. But this genuinely sounds like an honest mistake. 

G2 made a statement about the mistake on their CSGO RMR Capsules via Reddit. “Yo this was an honest mistake. Genuine apologies for this s**t. Unacceptable, but no ill intent. Our social team acted on a community rumor. There is zero incentive for our social team to generate more sticker revenue for G2, it was just an honest mistake. We’re a 110+ employee organization and, while stuff like this happens, I still take full responsibility. We’ll work with Valve on doing what needs to be done on our end.”

Again, we understand people’s outrage. Acting on a community rumor, instead of speaking directly to Valve, was not the play. But G2 was quick to admit their fault when they realized it was false. 

CSGO’s Twitter account also posted a statement about the issue and offered a link to get a refund. “We have not told teams when RMR stickers will be discontinued and any communication on the matter will be public. If you purchased RMR Capsules due to this story, or for any other reason, you can submit a refund request for unopened capsules at help.steampowered.com.”

Ocelote and G2 Esports have gone above and beyond to apologize and offer to make things right about the CSGO RMR Capsule incident. Ocelote on Reddit also stated his org offered Valve to cover the refunds fully. There is a lot of anger about this on Reddit right now. Accusations of market manipulation and worse are running rampant. All they can do is apologize (which they did) and offer to make things right. We do understand the anger. The thought that a team or teams would manipulate the market of CSGO items, which already have some of the most overwhelming costs, is despicable. 

We hope that is not the case, and the G2 response does seem to be sincere. There have been more than a few people who bought many of the Capsules, just in case, such as RushBMedia’s Ryan. It’s a shame this all went down, but we appreciate G2’s response to the issue. The Instagram post perhaps stayed up a bit too long, but the actual response was appreciated.


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