G2 and Rekkles Will Reportedly Part Ways, Tryouts For His 2022 Replacement Currently Underway

by in League of Legends | Sep, 28th 2021

The 2022 competitive season is still a few months away, and yet we already have more than enough drama than our hearts can handle: G2 Esports and Martin “Rekkles” Larsson will part ways, as per Pablo Suárez.This, in short, is both a tremendous surprise and somewhat of a “telegraphed” development — the writing was on the wall. The biggest reason why Rekkles had moved to G2 was so that he could once again hoist the LEC trophy — a feat that seemed nigh impossible for as long as he fought under Fnatic’s banner. According to Suárez, G2 is currently in the process of selling his contract. This legendary Swedish marksman was originally signed until November of 2023, which means that things must have gotten really bad for him and G2 to part ways so early on. The fact that G2 not only failed to mount a comeback but has missed out on Worlds for the first time in the organization’s history obviously strained their relationship in more ways than one. 

So, going forward, this perennial LEC giant will rebuild around Rasmus “Caps” Winther and Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski, with a few other signings being in the pipeline as well. 

They’re At An Impasse… Sort Of

If the rumor mill is to be believed, G2 is being extremely selective when it comes to which organizations this revered marksman can negotiate with — a shady move, no doubt, but wholly within G2’s M.O. Team Vitality is supposedly interested in buying out his contract, but no deal has been made nor was G2 willing to negotiate. 

Where Rekkles will go next still remains to be seen. He’ll surely receive numerous offers from both the LEC and LCS, and a trip over to the LPL might be on the table as well — as was alluded to by Rekkles himself on multiple occasions in the past. 

G2, on the other hand, are reportedly holding tryouts for the 2022 season and are hard at work in trying to find a “suitable” replacement for Rekkles. The fact that this age-old LEC titan will start with three entirely new players come 2022 means fans should definitely temper their expectations. Then again, if they sign the right individuals in terms of playstyle and attitude, they might stand a chance of once again reaching Top 3 sooner rather than later.

In any case, we’re bound to find out in a matter of months if not weeks, so stay tuned!


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