Furia Nike Deal, ESL Show Team – CS:GO Daily Recap 7/2

by in CS:GO | Jul, 2nd 2019

Welcome back to the CS:GO Daily Recap. We’ve got a lot of exciting news today, including the re-addition of the show team equipment feature at ESL, along with the sponsorship deal between Furia and Nike, plus much more.

Show Team on in ESL

After a little over two years of waiting, the show team function has finally arrived at ESL. The command, officially called cl_show_team_equipment, was approved for all ESL events going forward as of 7/1/2019, starting with ESL One: Cologne.

By enabling the function in the command line players are able to see their teammates locations and loadouts, even through walls and smoke. This allows you to keep track of your teammates positions and prevents accidental team kills when a teammate unexpectedly appears around a corner.

The feature, released in March 2017, was originally disabled at ESL following pro-player outcry that it made the game too easy. However, most other tournaments have left the feature enabled, and pros quickly came to realize its benefits in competitive play, allowing them to focus less on keeping track of teammate positions and focus more and their mechanical and strategic skills.

Since then, the feature has become common in pro-play, even being enabled in the Majors, and calls have been rising for it’s unbanning in ESL tournaments.

The reinstatement of the function comes after several long discussions between the ESL tournament organizers (TOs), pro-players, and the pro-player representative association (CSPPA).

Air Furia – The Furia Nike Deal

On the team side of CSGO, big news came out of Brazil yesterday as team Furia, who just recently signed it’s players to a five-year contract, has just announced a four-year partnership with world-famous athletic apparel brand Nike.

Announcing the partnership on the team’s website, Furia CEO Jaime Padua F. Filho commented on the partnership, stating, “With Nike’s support, we’ll go on with our job of making dreams come true and forming great athletes by hard work, talent, and persistence. We’ve succeeded in CS:GO with this formula and we hope to reapply it to other modalities”.

The partnership, Nike’s first individual esport team sponsorship, will include providing equipment for the team, as well as newly designed jersey created by the company. What the deal includes beyond that, however, is currently unknown.

Coach Stickers and C9

Speaking of branding opportunities, a new one may be opening up for coaches at the upcoming Starladder Berlin tournament.

NeiL_M, the new coach of Grayhound Gaming, last week took to Twitter asking for help submitting a player sticker, the in-game items players can purchase to put on their guns and whose profits go partially towards said players, surprising many. When asked by Jake if he meant he was submitting one for himself as a coach, he confirmed that that was indeed the case.

Whether this is as a back-up in case a player gets sick and can’t attend the event or not is still unknown, but if the submissions if not it would mark the first time coaches have ever had in-game items for themselves, likely an acknowledgment of the growing importance of coaches at the competitive level.

Meanwhile on the non-monetary side of the scene, Team Envy AWPer Josh “jdm64” Marzano has officially become a free agent, coincidentally just in time for Cloud9’s major CSGO announcement on their weekly show “The 9’s”. Whether or not he’ll actually join the roster remains to be seen, but it would be a markedly major upgrade to the struggling lineup.

Whether he joins or not, The 9’s this week will be incredibly interesting as C9 has been teasing a major announcement for their CSGO team to be announced during the show. Let’s just hope it’s not a new sponsorship deal again. The show will kick off tonight at 6:30pm PST on the team’s Twitch Channel.

Finally, we have news of a roster change at Virtus.Pro (VP) today as support rifler OKOLICIOUZ has been released from the team, replaced by former AGO Esports rifler Phr. The once prestigious team has fallen on hard times lately, struggling even in minor C and B-tier tournaments, and will be looking to make marked improvements with the signing.


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