FURIA Enters Rainbow Six Siege Competitive Scene

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Feb, 27th 2020

Big announcement out of the Brazilian scene today. Esports org FURIA announced its entry into the Rainbow Six Siege competitive in a Twitter post on their official account.

According to the announcement, the team has picked up the Looking for Org BR squad who recently qualified for the Season 11 Challenger League. The relatively new lineup consists of Bersa, Miracle, BmH, FredQx, H1ghs, and coach TchubZ.

The Time Is Now

The team was formerly known as Guidance Gaming. It famously took out former Pro League team PaiN Gaming last year in the Brasileirão (BR6) 2019 Relegations Tournament to qualify for Brasileirão 2020 from BR6b.

With the decision to make the BR6 tournament the Brazilian Pro League following the conclusion of Season 11, this means FURIA will be part of the topflight of the Brazilian pro circuit starting in Season 12. It’s an excellent starting point for an org new to the scene.

FURIA is rather large in the Brazilian esports scene, best known for their CSGO roster. The roster won the 2019 Arctic Invitational and several other tournaments to the tune of $500,000 over the last two years. FURIA also operates teams in League of Legends, Fortnite, and DotA 2. However, they struggled hard to find success in those titles.

Still, it’s good to see a big name like FURIA enter into the Brazilian scene for Rainbow Six Siege. It shows growth over the past two years as larger orgs like TSM, Cloud9, and others enter the pro scene. The move speaks volumes of how orgs feel about the long-term viability of the game as an esport.

With major changes coming over the next two years to the competitive scene and in-game content, Rainbow Six Siege is set to blow-up into a major esport. Orgs are trying to get in now while it’s cheap. Will FURIA make a splash or flounder with their new roster? We’ll have to wait until the Season 11 Challenger League starts to see them play. Their games are sure to be ones to watch.


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