FunPlus Phoenix Set to Face RNG in the 2021 LPL Spring Split Finals

by in League of Legends | Apr, 13th 2021

The 2021 LPL Spring Split finals are set — FunPlus Phoenix are going to face Royal Never Give Up on April 18! And, needless to say, it’s quite a mind-blowing match-up. It also didn’t come easy as both of these giants had to fight their hearts out in order to reach this oh-so-prestigious point. 

The odds, however, are heavily stacked in FPX’s favor for one simple (albeit crucial) reason: they’ve already beaten RNG less than a week ago. And they didn’t scrape by or struggle much either — it was a clean sweep during which FPX never lost control. 

Now, to be fair to RNG, they looked like a shadow of their former selves. Nothing they went for seemed to work, and FPX simply capitalized on the openings which were presented to them. We know for a fact that RNG are better than they had shown that day, but it’s still hard to shake off the fashion in which it all went down. Had they looked at least a little bit better, had they fought with a bit more fervor, had they shown some modicum of resilience and fortitude, we’d be more inclined to believe in their potential  triumph at the 2021 LPL Spring Finals this month.

But right now, as things stand, it’s nigh impossible to give them our benefit of the doubt. They’re undeniably talented and have some fairly legendary players under their banner, but FPX seem to be on a whole ‘nother level — we’re talking five World Champions, one of which still hasn’t been dethroned (Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon, formerly of DWG KIA).

How do you prepare for such a team? A slew of players who are “right at home” in the current meta and are graced with a mind-blowing amount of talent, along with an equal measure of mechanical prowess.

A Most Noticeable Surge

It’s not a secret that the shift to Best of 5s benefited FPX in all the right ways. Then again, maybe this shift in format simply coincided with their growth? A fortuitous series of events, if nothing else. They certainly weren’t this good during the regular portion of the split. They didn’t exactly struggle, but they paled in comparison to some of their peers which, needless to say, came as quite a surprise. Seeing a bolstered FPX in fifth place with eleven wins and five losses to their name isn’t something you’re ever really prepared for, given whom they have competing under their banner. But they grew and developed and have hit their stride at the best possible moment. 

FunPlus Phoenix 2021 Line-up

RNG, on the other hand, are a bit of an enigma right now. They’re obviously mighty dangerous but if they don’t shore up their weaknesses in record time there’s no way they’ll be able to compete on even footing come April 18. Still, FPX would be wise not to underestimate them, despite what happened mere days ago.

We’ve seen time and time again that these teams — the best ones in the world — can correct course overnight and mount a comeback despite community expectations. And, well, RNG definitely fit the bill in terms of talent, depth, and overall potential. 

Either way, we can’t wait to see which team comes out on top at the 2021 LPL Spring Finals!


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