FunPlus Phoenix Makes CSGO Return With GODSENT Roster

by in CS:GO | Dec, 30th 2020

FunPlus Phoenix just rebranded! While personally, this writer prefers the older logo, it’s not relevant to today’s discussion. FunPlus Phoenix has confirmed that they are going to return to the king of FPS esports, CSGO. To do this, they’re seeking out a fantastic team, in the form of GODSENT out of Sweden. They need approval from the team themselves, and we are curious about what will come of the deal.

Not All Smooth Sailing

There may be a bit of worry here for the players. After all, FPX has dropped two rosters already and has had a rocky start in the CSGO scene. First Heroic, then the Bad News Bears. Sure, FunPlus Phoenix is a top-tier League of Legends roster, but will they have what it takes to secure GODSENT for CSGO? 

The general manager of Valorant and CSGO operations for FunPlus Phoenix, Petar ‘Peca’ Markovic, dropped a tweet about this. “We at FPX Esports have been in deep talks with GODSENT in the past several months regarding the acquirement of their CSGO roster. The mutual agreement has finally been made, and right now, we are waiting for the players to review and eventually sign their contracts.”

Who would this secure for the FunPlus/GODSENT CSGO roster?

  • Jonatan ‘Devilwalk’ Lundberg (Coach)
  • Martin ‘STYKO’ Styk
  • Jesse ‘zehN’ Linjala
  • Pavle ‘maden’ Bošković
  • Asger ‘farlig’ Jensen

The only sad thing for us is that Kevin ‘kRYSTAL’ Amend is technically an inactive player. They aren’t listed on the image in the thread from Petar Markovic either. This isn’t exactly a nobody team, and you’d want your reliable coach to join you on this adventure. This makes us wonder if Devilwalk will be playing with the squad or picking another player to join the team. Don’t get too excited. Peca pointed out that no matter what, the GODSENT CSGO roster would join Flashpoint Season 2 even if they sign the group to FunPlus Phoenix right away. 

Instead, they’re going to make a much smarter move: focus on preparing for 2021. We can only hope that this deal pans out better than previous ones. Right now, GODSENT is 19th in the world, and that’s nothing to sneeze at. 

Perhaps FPX wants to be known for more than just being excellent at League of Legends, and who can blame them? There’s still a lot of glory and money to be had in the CSGO franchise. While CSGO has been a bit of a curse for FunPlus Phoenix this year, the org has not given up and seems to have pretty big future plans. 


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