Froskurinn To Return to the LPL As Guest Analyst

by in League of Legends | Apr, 7th 2021

Indiana “Froskurinn” Black, a long-time veteran caster and analyst will once again make an appearance on the LPL broadcast, albeit only as a guest! This is definitely a welcome bit of news given her vast experience and the fact that she’s a truly endemic esports personality — one that brings a ton of value and depth to any kind of broadcast. The fact that she’ll still be engaged in competitive League is definitely a cause for celebration, even though this might only be a one-off thing.

In the meantime, ever since her departure from the LEC, she’s been creating content over at G4 along with Ovilee May. Whether Froskurinn will eventually move back into full-time competitive League casting or will remain a freelancer still remains to be seen. Regardless, a varied schedule packed with different kinds of gigs is always a positive thing!

Froskurinn Post LPL: A Peculiar Couple of Years

Froskurinn’s career has been quite a strange (albeit hugely successful) one. It’s not often that folks who’ve reached her highs (in competitive League) decide to take up different positions at different companies or even move all that much. The only exception that comes to mind would be Joshua “Jatt” Leesman who’s sort of a one-man band — former caster, analyst, podcaster, pro player, game designer, and everything in between. Right now, he’s employed as the head coach of the former four-time LCS champions Team Liquid, but if the last couple of years are any indication, it’ll only be a temporary gig before he moves on to something else entirely. A renaissance man, if you will.

That whole partnership between NEOM and the LEC — which was controversial to say the least — was obviously the straw that broke the camel’s back. Then again, Frosk is no stranger to making controversial statements of her own, and it’s no secret that she often clashed heads with the community. Regardless, she’s a seasoned veteran and brings an immense amount of depth to the table and we’d love to see her return back to full-time casting at some point in the future!

You’ll be able to catch Froskurinn’s LPL “comeback” on April 8th, 10th, and 18th on the official LPL stream.


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