Free MVC2 Movement May Revive Marvel vs Capcom 2

by in Fighting Game News | Aug, 5th 2021

“Free MVC2” is a trend started by Maximilian on Twitter, and it’s a call to preserve the legacy of an incredible game. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is a classic fighter that so many have fond memories of. However, it’s been 12 years since we’ve seen a re-release, and, as Maximilian said, “7 years since it was pulled from stores & sent to digital jail.” This led to the #FreeMVC2 hashtag on Twitter, which has since seen 25k likes and 19k retweets. Almost every person I know that has spent any time in 2D fighters has something positive to say about MVC2, thus leading to Free MVC2. Now is it perfect? Of course not. But it’s gorgeous, intense, and it’s a game that deserves to be released from digital jail.

There aren’t too many more fighting games that are more beloved than MVC2. Despite how old it is, it’s always one of the first games talked about. With a memorable cast, incredibly tight mechanics, and long history of competitive play, we need it back. I don’t know about you, but I still hum the character select music to this day.

Gonna Take You For a Ride:

I will never claim to be an expert at MVC2, but I still believe in the Free MVC2 trend. Everyone I know is better than me, and I’m casual at best. But it’s still such an impressive game, and the huge cast leads to endless possibilities. It’s been years since it’s been de-listed from digital storefronts (Xbox Live Arcade/PlayStation Network). Backbone Entertainment/Digital Eclipse dropped some serious enhancements, both digital and performance to MVC2. It also had rollback! Beautiful, sweet rollback. If you didn’t already purchase and own it, you’re more or less out of luck.

Or you can try and buy an MVC2 cabinet for your home, or spend some serious cash on a physical copy of the game. What are they going for though? Occasionally, you’ll see a 30-40 dollar copy, but that sounds too good to be true. You’re more than likely going to pay 150 -275 (PS2), to 150+ on Dreamcast. Prices can (and usually will) be higher. Maximilian posted a video to Youtube, and sent it out via a Tweet:

“12 years since Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 was re-released & 7 years since it was pulled from stores & sent to digital jail. One of the most celebrated games of all time. Plz RT if you’d like MVC2 out of jail.”

He wants to get as many people as possible to speak out about the Free MVC2 movement. People who would buy a re-release of MVC2 with something, anything to tempt people to purchase it. Online play, slightly enhanced visuals, for example. It’s so hard to get people together to play MVC2 these days, and it’s heralded as one of the greatest fighting games of all time.

Thanks to a number of problems, we missed out on the amazing EVO 20th Anniversary tournament that was scheduled. A revival of MVC2 is not out of the realm of possibility either. Back in 2017, Jay Ong (Head of Marvel Games) stated he was willing to have Marvel characters in games without them being directly linked to the MCU. That’s a great thing for a potential re-release. We can also look at games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, or Spider-Man. There are new, huge Marvel games coming. Why not something of a classic brought back to life? Mike Mika of Digital Eclipse also had an interesting tweet that was a part of the Free MVC2 trend. Digital Eclipse focuses on classic games and re-releasing them, so why not another version of MVC2? Thanks to successful crowdfunding, Digital Eclipse appears to be back in a big way, and Mika had this to say about MVC2:

“We made what I think was the last MVC2 release on console when we were known as Backbone. (16×9, etc) I love the outpouring- We’d swap in GGPO and do documentary and museum work, etc. Will need to talk to Disney and Capcom to make it real. We’re game if they are.  #FREEMVC2”

Personally, I have a lot of very fond memories of the game. I always played against people much better than me, so I never really felt like I was any good. That didn’t stop me from practicing and trying to have fun though. Did I play weird teams? Oh yes. Dan/Sentinel/Thanos was a staple, and so was Cyclops/Akuma/Captain Commando. I cannot tell you how many nights and weekends were consumed ordering a few pizzas, getting the gang together, and battering each other senseless in MVC2. The people are speaking, and they want to know one very important thing: WHEN’S MAHVEL?!

If you have memories of MVC2 you want to share and want to help spread the word, feel free to use the hashtag #FreeMVC2 on Twitter. Always remember: It’s never over until it’s over. 


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