Free Fire Mobile Battle Royale Adding Street Fighter V Content

by in Fighting Game News | Jun, 2nd 2021

On mobile devices, battle royale games have become ever so abundant for players. Fortnite on Android (as its iOS counterpart is currently in court), Call of Duty Mobile, and PUBG Mobile take the reigns for mobile battle royale games. However, another game part of the mobile battle royale group is Free Fire, made by Garena, an online game studio and publisher of League of Legends in Southeast Asia. 

Free Fire is picking up steam. Earlier this year, the game toppled one of its largest contenders in the U.S.: PUBG Mobile.

Street Fighter V Collaboration Coming Soon

Free Fire keeps the momentum going with the announcement of a collaboration with Capcom to include Street Fighter V content into the world of the game, announcing their game on the titles Indian Twitter page. This means that players can see what the game will offer for all players, including the introduction of cosmetics and more based on the characters of the popular fighting game franchise. 

However, this isn’t the first time that Free Fire has collaborated with other IPs in their title. Free Fire also included some content based on other worlds and stories in Japanese manga and anime. One Punch Man made an appearance in Free Fire, bearing content and cosmetics from the popular manga franchise. Another title to grace the world of Free Fire is the collaboration with the Attack on Titan Series, bringing content and custom skins into the game for their players to wear.

Free Fire also has made itself known in spaces outside of anime culture, including other franchises from some of their main demographics. Foreign players of Free Fire also got the opportunity to see collaborations with Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, and Brazilian DJ Alok. 

The inclusion of Street Fighter V characters shows that Free Fire knows how to grow a global brand. Their continued collaborations with franchises and personalities worldwide give players incentive to engage with Free Fire as a free-to-play mobile title and continue to increase appeal to countries globally. 

With so many collaborations under their belt, it’s no surprise that Free Fire is starting to make a dent in the mobile battle royale market. After taking down PUBG, the only direction Free Fire can go is upwards. Players will have to wait and see just what else the little game that could is capable of. 


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