Free Apex Legends Revenant Gilded Rose Skin Now Available With Twitch Prime

by in Apex Legends | Feb, 7th 2020

Apex Legends kicked off Season 4 earlier this week. The noteworthy season features changes to the World’s Edge map, the upcoming return of the Kings Canyon map, a new sniper rifle and a new legend, of course.

Originally thought to be Forge, Respawn Entertainment surprised players by showcasing the melee fighter as the new hero to join the roster before having him killed by the actual legend: Revenant. The shadowy robot assassin is now available in the game.

The popularity of Revenant is skyrocketing right now. So many players are buying and checking him out. So, it is no surprise to see skins that players can equip him with. Most require unlocking or currency. However, one of them is free right now.

Apex Legends Revenant Gilded Rose Skin Now Available for Free

Twitch Prime and Respawn announced the Apex Legends Revenant Gilded Rose skin is available. The giveaway of this new skin for the new legend is out now and sticks around until March 19.

Players have the chance to be decked out in something other than the default look for the character. This is great for standing out and showing off early in the season, as most players will likely use the standard look.

The Apex Legends Revenant Gilded Rose skin is available as part of the continued promotion and partnership between the developer Respawn Entertainment and Twitch. As many of you might know, Twitch Prime is a subscription-based service that offers various goodies every month for free.

As long as you are a member of the Twitch Prime service, you can get the new skin for free. This will let you start using it on your platform of choice (PS4, Xbox One, or PC) and show off your special look for the new legend.

The Apex Legends Revenant Gilded Rose skin isn’t too massively different from the normal look of the character. However, it offers some appealing changes that might be worth it for some players. Normally, the character is a robot with a skull mask with a red and blackish look.

The Gilded Rose skin, however, changes up some of the style and general scheme of the normal look with a bigger focus on a rose-like red color and splashes of gold, green, and white. The skin is supposed to be like that of a real gilded rose, but it looks more decayed with some vines to us.

One of the more notable features of the skin is the skull face of Revenant that looks more bloodthirsty and a little creepier than before. Also, the bandana on top of his head is a nice gold and black mix that looks sharp and sleek.

How to Get Twitch Prime for the Free Skin

With the nice design of the Apex Legends Revenant Gilded Rose skin, it is understandable that some players will want to get the new skin. That’s where we come in. To get this skin for “free,” you are going to need to have an active Twitch Prime subscription.

We say free loosely as you do have to be a member of the service or have a family member/friend who does and doesn’t mind you getting the goodie instead of them. While you could easily pay for Twitch Prime every month, some players won’t need to.

After all, Twitch Prime is part of the Amazon Prime service that many players might already have available to them or someone they know. If you have Amazon Prime, you already have Twitch Prime for free included with it, whether you use it.

If you have Amazon Prime, we recommend signing in and linking it up with your Twitch account or creating one if you don’t already. This allows you to get Twitch Prime every month for free effectively.

How to Get the Skin with Twitch Prime

Once you have your Twitch Prime account active, you can get the free Revenant Gilded Rose skin. Log into your Twitch account and head to the Twitch Prime side of things, and find the Twitch Prime loot that is available now.

Alternatively, you can find the page for all of the Apex Legends free loot currently available here. That shows you all the goodies you can get at this time, including the new Revenant skin. From there, claim the skin and follow its instructions.

If you don’t have money right now for Amazon or Twitch and don’t know anyone with an account currently, we’ve got your back. It is easy enough to use a student trial if you’re enrolled in college currently.

Either method works and gives you an active account for free long enough to get this skin for the game. Twitch Prime is great about offering a new skin or other cosmetic items each month for the battle royale title. This month is the new Revenant skin. If you act fast, you can get last month’s, too.

January’s Geometric Anomaly Caustic skin is still available in Twitch Prime until February 17. If you use your Twitch Prime account now, you can get two skins for free.


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