Freakazoid Plans to Leave CSGO for Valorant

by in CS:GO | May, 11th 2020

Every week, more people are lured over to the Dark Side of the Force that is Valorant. We can’t go a day without seeing another CSGO pro lured to the greener pastures of the pretty new shooter from Riot Games? Today, we learned about Ryan ‘Freakazoid’ Abadir as the latest CSGO pro to look towards Valorant.

He isn’t the first, and surely won’t be the last. Sentinels already have a squad, starring Sinatraa, Shahzam, Zombs, and SicK.

Superdude Extrodinaire, Freakazoid, Freakazoid

Come on, I can’t be the only person that reads the name Freakazoid, and immediately thinks of the cartoon. Right? … Right? Anyway, since the launch of the Closed Beta, we’ve seen Valorant teams form up, and many pros, such as Freakazoid reveal that they’re leaving the game that made them famous behind for Valorant.

Valorant feels like it’s designed with the high-skill competition in mind. It’s practically built for esports. To this writer, it feels like a blend of Hero Shooters like Paladins/Overwatch, combined with the high-skill cap of CSGO. I hit High Plat/Diamond in Paladin. But when it comes to CSGO, I have a higher chance of shooting myself than anyone else.

So why all this faith in Valorant? Many of the players likely feel they’ve done all they can in CSGO. Perhaps CSGO is stagnant for them now, whereas Valorant is a new, exciting experience for Freakazoid and others. Valorant’s even luring away non-CSGO players! Recently, OWL Champion Sinatraa of San Francisco Shock fame announced he was moving to Valorant. Sinatraa had simply lost his passion for Overwatch, despite being the MVP of the 2019 OWL.

Freakazoid recently competed with his brother (Austin ‘Cooper’ Abadir) for a North American CSGO squad, Swole Patrol. Perhaps Cooper announced that he’s moving to eUnited to play, which signaled the end of Freakazoid’s time with Swole Patrol.

Can Riot Live Up to the Hype?

So far, Riot Games’ first FPS has a lot of buzz behind it. Sadly, not all of it’s good. We’re only hearing lip service about how they plan to deal with the toxic nature of the online community, as an example. Their special servers aren’t quite ready yet, and many people are looking at Riot Vanguard, their Anti-Cheat system with suspicion.

Riot Vanguard was reportedly cracked almost immediately though. Despite misgivings, there’s so much buzz and hype around Valorant. Do we want it to succeed? Of course, we do! That means more esports for everyone. We don’t want it to completely kill the CSGO community though. Hopefully, it will mean more opportunities for CSGO players that didn’t have a spot to call their own.

We’re glad for Freakazoid finding something new in Valorant though. He’s not the only CSGO player making this move, but we’re happy for him. What did he have to say about it? He made a post on Twitter recently. NSFW language warning though!

With that in mind, there are plenty of opportunities for players with the skills to pay the bills to find themselves a Valorant esports slot, even if Riot Games hasn’t detailed what we can expect the scene to look like. It sounds to us like people are very much putting the cart before the horse.

Riot Games has a lot of time still to make this work, despite the reported summer 2020 release of the game. That sounds still too soon to us. But if it works, we’ll be glad for it. There are still so many answers that we need. That said, Freakazoid is one of many CSGO players that seem to be seeking a new challenge or game. Perhaps they’ll find what they need in Valorant to keep their esports hype going.

Only time will tell. Where do you stand though? Will so many CSGO pros coming in make it more difficult for other players who want to make their way into Valorant esports? Will this irreparably harm CSGO’s scene or will new/semi-pro players come up to take the place of the leaving stars? We’d love to know what you think!


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