Four Crazy Fortnite Unreleased Weapons Leak

by in Fortnite | Dec, 29th 2020

Epic Games have frequently released new weapons and gear for players to use in Fortnite battle royale. At the same time, it has been known to take out weapons to bring in new ones. As such, there are so many weapons that have been released over the years. But what about the Fortnite unreleased weapons? 

Four Fortnite Unreleased Weapons Leak

Video game development isn’t perfect. There are going to be mistakes made over time. Perhaps someone has an excellent idea that sounds great in theory for a new weapon, but it is not at all what they expected it to be in practice. 

Such is the case with the potential Fortnite unreleased weapons. Over the years, it is presumed that there have been unreleased items and guns that were in development, but Epic Games ultimately decided to cancel them for one reason or another. 

Fortunately, some of these obscure items that may never see the light of day in the actual Fortnite battle royale experience have reportedly leaked. Through this, we can see what could have been and understand the items that Epic felt weren’t right for the game after all. 

Four Fortnite unreleased weapons have been leaked by the Fortnite data miner Ximton who posted about them, and a few Reddit users shared on the Fortnite Leaks subreddit page. Through these recent leaks, we can see that some wild ideas were stirring at Epic Games. 

Fortnite Electric Gun Leaks

The first of these four Fortnite unreleased weapons is what Ximton calls the unreleased electric gun weapon. This particular one isn’t super special in design or power, but it is all about the animation and its looks that make it feel unique compared to the other guns in the game. 

For the most part, the guns in Fortnite are all pretty traditional. You have the standard assault rifle, sniper rifle, pistols, SMGs, and so on. They all look and feel pretty traditional and standard in design, not standing out all that much. 

There have been some exceptions in the past with interesting guns, but they were mostly limited only. In the case of the unreleased electric gun, this one looks to be a unique weapon that is all about shooting balls of lightning or electric energy at the enemy players. 

These leaks from Ximton are pretty substantial as they don’t just show us a screenshot and description of what could have been but include a video that shows how the unreleased gun would have worked in Fortnite battle royale if it did release.

In the electric gun case, the actual weapon’s design looks pretty similar to the grenade launcher and stuff like that. But when you use it, it shoots out electric balls instead of the usual grenades. Upon impact, the balls explode and make a nice electric effect in the surrounding area.

It doesn’t look to be that powerful, but it could have been fun to use in combat, at the very least. It would have been incredibly awesome if the weapon had some additional effect, like stunning an enemy or stopping them from running around for a couple of seconds. 

Troll Launcher and Tinstack Guns Leak

The second unreleased weapon shown off was the troll launcher RPG. This looks to be a take on the rocket launcher in the game as it has the same general design and effects. But the change is that it shoots out explosive trolls at the enemies. 

It seems that the troll launcher is, well, a pretty trolling weapon that you can have. It is there to damage players and annoy them at the same time. It can be pretty clear why it never released since it doesn’t do anything different from the usual RPG.

The third weapon shown off was the Tinstack weapon, which is the most unique and completely wild gun in the entire unreleased section. This one has a model very similar to the minigun that has been in Fortnite in the past. 

But instead of shooting out a ton of bullets in a massive way, it is more of a blend between the minigun and an explosive launcher. It shoots out explosive rounds in quick succession, enveloping the enemy and area in very frequent explosions. 

This is a weapon that the data miner thinks is potentially unfinished, so there may be hope for it after all. Regardless, it does seem pretty overpowered. That could be the very reason why we may never see the Tinstack come out in the game at some point. 

Gnome Gun Is the Fourth Unreleased Weapon

And then there is the fourth and final weapon is the gnome gun. Like the troll launcher, it is a gun that is all about gnomes for some odd reason. It is a pistol that shoots like a normal one but launches gnome bullets at the enemy instead of normal ones. 

It has an excellent effect on the gnomes and seems pretty hilarious. The data miner noted that it could be a developer-only weapon, but, again, this is the case of a weapon that isn’t too different but just weird. As such, it has never been released in the game along with the other three.

With some of these weapons, perhaps Epic Games is waiting for a special limited-time event or a season after the current Season 5 or even something else to bring them out, but we will have to wait and see. 

For now, there is a high chance that we will never be able to use these guns in Fortnite, so don’t get your hopes up at this time. 


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