Fortnite’s Season 7 Battle Pass Lets Players Choose Their Rewards

by in Fortnite | Jun, 9th 2021

Fortnite always changes things up during the change between seasons, with new ways to play the game, as well as new ways to play around with friends, from vehicles to NPC enemies that drop special weapons; there’s always something every season that players can come back to. In the case of Fortnite’s current 7th season, that’s aliens and flyable UFOs. However, that’s not the only thing that’s changed about the game, as the battle pass has been given a massive upgrade, and players now can pick their rewards in whatever order they want.

Battle Pass Inclusions and Changes

Epic revealed that the Fortnite battle pass had gotten a massive upgrade for Season 7, still being the same battle pass players know and love. Although the upgrade in question comes from the fact that players will not be rewarded with items during the end of each game after they level up, they’ll have to make their way through the levels and gain battle stars. Making a return to Fortnite, the battle stars will become the main currency for players who want to use the battle pass, as they now have ten pages of content to unlock. Through the use of the battle stars, while some range from five to ten stars, players will gain five every time they level up.

However, players who want to pick the tier 100 item will not be able to do so, as they have to unlock each page by playing the game, either by collecting rewards from the battle pass or reaching level 90 during the season. After the player unlocks everything in the battle pass, they’ll be granted access to the extra battle pass options, which are five new pages that players can unlock if they happen to make it far enough in the game to reach those extra tiers. However, some of the best rewards on each page are locked behind the requirement that players unlock everything on that page beforehand, meaning that players will have to choose wisely what they want to pick as their next unlock.

Some of the new content is the average number of new faces to Fortnite, with the main skin players start with being an alien by the name of Kymera. This alien is a customizable character, which means that the player has full control over what their alien happens to look like. Whether or not that’s giving it a massive eyeball or an alien beard. The sky is the limit for the 800,000 combinations that Kymera can look like.

Also included in the battle pass is the protagonist of the season, Sloan, a lady who’s planning on stopping the alien invasion of the island. Like Agent Jones from the previous season, players can unlock different variations of her design. She changes from a tie-wearing doctor to a battle suit, which can be completed with sunglasses if the player decides to complete the extras after the battle pass. Other character inclusions in the game are a punk rockstar who has a ska song about aliens that can be played in the main menu, a rabbit character named Guggimon that resembles Max from the Sam and Max games, another alien in a spacesuit, a robot that an alien controls and Rick Sanchez from the Adult Swims animated comedy, Rick and Morty. Rick takes the Tier 100 skins place and comes with his car from the show as a glider and a Hammer Morty harvesting tool skin. Players can unlock a variation on Rick’s outfit in the extras of the battle pass, making him Toxic Rick from one of the previous season’s episodes.

Lastly, coming soon on the battle pass screen, players can unlock the man of steel himself, as Superman becomes a character that will have his own set of quest similar to the way players unlocked all the Predator cosmetics in Season 5.

It’s no surprise that Season 7 is turning out to be a massive change for Fortnite, not just in gameplay but in the battle pass progression system as well. If the gameplay isn’t enough to bring players back, those who purchase the battle pass will also get to try something new and fresh, letting players unlock their favorite cosmetics first for the battle royale game.


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