Fortnite X-Men Leak Reveals More Superheroes

by in Fortnite | Apr, 15th 2020

A recent leak has reportedly revealed that there could be more to this Fortnite Deadpool crossover than meets the eye. According to a recent data mine of the battle royale game, it looks like there is a new Fortnite X-Men leak pointing towards a new crossover event soon.

Fortnite X-Men Leak Revealed After Update 12.40

The rumored Fortnite X-Men leak comes from renowned data miner for battle royale Lucas7yoshi. We have covered this prominent data miner in the past and, as such, you can certainly count on this leak. That said, it is a rumor so do keep your expectations in check as this could end up different.

Today marked the release of the Fortnite update 12.40 version and it brought with it a ton of changes to the game including some major map changes, lore teases, and more. With the release of this update, there are new game files that you can find in the data of the battle royale title.

As such, data miner Lucas7yoshi went through the newest files for the game and revealed that some interesting items are coming to the game soon. The Fortnite X-Men leak is rather surprising and points towards new characters joining the battle royale game soon.

As of right now, we only have Deadpool in Season 2 but there are going to be new characters reportedly coming soon. In the game files, the data miner found that three new X-Men characters are showing up as skins for the future.

What Characters Are Rumored

Those three characters are Domino, Cable, and Psylocke, all three characters who have been close to Deadpool in the past. As such, it seems like this Fortnite X-Men leak will continue and expand the Deadpool that is already happening in Season 2.

According to the leaker who revealed these characters for Fortnite, the three of them will be part of a bundle offered in the future. It is likely then that the characters will only be part of a paid bundle in the item shop. Unfortunately, this does mean you probably won’t be able to earn it like Deadpool.

It is uncertain at this time if the bundle is the only new X-Men thing that is coming to the battle royale title in the future or if there will be more to it than just this. Beyond just the skins of those three superheroes, there will also reportedly be back blings and pickaxes to boot.

However, the leak for the X-Men crossover event in Fortnite doesn’t end there. If you don’t have any extra money to spend on the game, it looks like there is another skin option that will become available for Deadpool very soon.

New Deadpool Skin Option Also Leaked

Similar to the unmasked variant that came out last week, there seems to be a new X-Force customization option that is coming for Deadpool this week. It will be supposedly the reward for the Week 9 challenges of the Deadpool event in Season 2.

This version of the Deadpool skin will take the normal outfit that he wears as a superhero and tweaks it for that special X-Force team style. Instead of red and black, it is more of a grayish silver and black aesthetic that looks rather awesome, especially with his red eyes.

Given that it is an X-Force skin option, it wouldn’t be surprising to see one of his pals like Cable from the force join the game as well very soon. It would make sense for the bundle of the three rumored X-Men characters to release sometime later this week.

In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if they released in the item shop alongside the Deadpool X-Force skin option that is going to likely come out this Friday, April 17, as part of the Week 9 challenges. Given that we have had only two challenges per week during the event, that is likely a similar situation here.

This Event Could Help With the Fortnite Season 2 Extension

This Fortnite X-Men leak is likely going to be one of the major content drops that Epic Games is going to release during these crazy times. After all, it was just recently announced that Fortnite Season 2 is going to be longer than we thought.

Epic Games announced this week that the end date for it has been moved back about a month to June 4 instead of the end of April/beginning of May. This isn’t nearly as bad as the extension for Season 1 but it is substantial enough to add four to five weeks to this current season.

During that time, there will be no more normal weekly challenges or likely any Deadpool challenges either as those were most likely scheduled to only happen for the main 10 weeks of this season. There is, of course, the chance of some overtime challenges happening in the future but it is uncertain for now.

As such, one great way to tie players over until the start of the third season of Chapter 2 in June is to have some more crossover events. Given that the Deadpool event is already happening in the game, it would be awesome to see that expanded upon with more X-Men characters.

This would also make a whole lot of sense since, previously, we have had Marvel crossover events around this time of year for the past two years. There were the Avengers events in both 2018 and 2019 where players could play as some of their favorite characters from Infinity War and Endgame.

One thing that wasn’t included in those events were the X-Men characters who Disney and Marvel just got the movie rights back to with the purchase of Fox. Now that they are all together again, the time seems ripe for some more characters to show up in Fortnite battle royale besides just Deadpool.


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