Fortnite Wonder Woman Skin and Cup Announced

by in Fortnite | Aug, 16th 2021

Epic Games has yet again announced another crossover event and this time with DC Comics once more. The Fortnite Wonder Woman Cup and skin is coming out this week, offering players the latest in the train of collaboration tournaments that we have had in the battle royale title this season.

Fortnite Wonder Woman Cup Announced

It all began last year with the crossover superhero tournaments that we had in season 4 and Epic has made sure to occasionally offer new ones for players, but season 7 has definitely taken it to a whole new level with the number of crossovers and Cups for players to enjoy.

The latest of the bunch is the Fortnite Wonder Woman Cup that was announced today and will be happening this week. Even though the new superhero tournament was just announced, players do not have to wait that long at all to see all of the Wonder Woman action that is in store.

The Fortnite Wonder Woman Cup will happen this week on Wednesday, August 18, 2021, and feature the chance to earn yourself some awesome rewards, including her brand new skin. If you have done any of the superhero tournaments in the past, you will know exactly what to expect here.

It is the same general format that was used for the previous superhero events, like the Fortnite Gamora skin and Cup that we had just last week. Except, this time, it is all about a powerful DC Comics heroine, rather than one that is hailing from the Marvel side of the equation.

Wonder Woman Cup Date

The Fortnite Wonder Woman will happen on August 18, offering yet another duos event. Like most of the other superhero and villain tournaments, this is for duos fans, so be sure to grab yourself a partner and sign up to compete in the event together when it happens later this week.

The points and general format is the same as the Gamora event last week, so anyone who participated in that one got some solid practice in for this week’s tournament. How it works is that duos form a party and enter the tournament lobby when the event starts.

It will run for three hours in total, so be sure to check Fortnite on your specific platform to see when the tournament will begin. It will vary from server to server and region to region, but it is generally in the evening on August 18 for those in North America.

Fortnite Wonder Woman Outfit And Items
The Wonder Woman Cup (Credit Epic Games)

When the event starts, you have three hours to play up to 10 matches in total in the tournament. Only those 10 matches will count for the points that you earn in the event, but you do have to keep in mind that there is a time limit for the event.

If you are unable to get all 10 matches done in the three-hour time frame, you will only have the eight, nine, etc matches that you do count for your participation in the event. This is worth keeping in mind, so we do recommend showing up in the game early with your partner; like around 30 minutes before showtime.

How to Earn Points in the Tournament

The goal of the 10 matches that you do in the three hours is to earn as many points as you possibly can. There are two main ways that you can earn points: eliminations and placements. For every kill that you get in a match, you will get a single point towards your duos’ point score for the event.

Furthermore, your placement will determine the number of points in the 10 matches that you do. There are only 50 teams in each duos match, so everyone is guaranteed at least a point just for showing up to the match, even if you get no kills and are eliminated early on.

For teams that place in the first 25 teams that are eliminated, you are not looking at many points, ranging from only one to around nine points. But from there, it grows with each individual placement to a whopping 24 points for the 10th place team and so on.

Teams that are in the top five will earn 29, 30, 32, 36, and 42 points, respectively. If you nab the victory royale, those 42 points are an insane amount that will give you a massive lead over the teams, even if you are not a duo that is capable of getting a lot of eliminations in matches.

Those points are then added up for every match that you were able to do in the Fortnite Wonder Woman Cup and that determines your overall score. You will be ranked in your server based on that score and only the top teams in each region will be able to get the best reward.

How to Get the Wonder Woman Skin

That reward is, of course, the Wonder Woman skin and the Diana’s Mantle back bling for absolutely free. Furthermore, you will even be able to unlock it before it hits the item shop, so you will have a little bit of time to show off to the other players online what you were able to accomplish.

If you do not get enough points to unlock the Fortnite Wonder Woman skin in the event, you will still likely earn a consolation prize with the Honorary Amazon loading screen. This only requires you to earn eight or more points, which is just participating in eight matches.

Fortnite Wonder Woman Outfit And Items
The brand new Wonder Woman skin and items (Credit Epic Games)

If you do miss out on the Fortnite Wonder Woman skin in the Cup, everyone will have the chance to purchase it in the item shop on August 19, 2021, at around 5 pm PT. It will stick around in the shop for a limited time, so interested players should pick it up as soon as possible.

The items in the shop will include the Fortnite Wonder Woman skin, her armored variant, the Golden Eagle Wings glider, Athena’s Battleaxe pickaxe, DC Trinity loading screen, and the back bling. It is currently unknown if there will be more superhero events like this one in the future, so stay tuned just in case for more info.


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