Fortnite Wolverine Skin Rumored to Arrive in Season 4

by in Fortnite | Aug, 21st 2020

Epic Games has revealed that Fortnite Season 4 is coming very soon, much sooner than we expected. The teases for it have revealed that the season will likely be another Marvel-themed one, and a recent Fortnite Wolverine leak has revealed a new skin that we didn’t know about until now.

Leaks Have Begun for Fortnite Season 4

What began as a simple tease for the new season turned into a full-blown leak for what’s to come in Season 4 of battle royale. The popular and typically accurate Fortnite data miner HYPEX has posted their latest findings on Twitter, revealing even more rumored details for the new season.

There are quite a few details that the data miner was able to uncover for the fourth season of Chapter 2, so, of course, this means that we are going to be heading into super spoiler territory. Though it hasn’t been confirmed yet and could be wrong, there is a strong chance this is true.

As such, if you are someone who doesn’t want to know anything about the new season of battle royale beyond what is officially confirmed ahead of time, we recommend that you turn back now. Otherwise, if you are someone who doesn’t care and wants to get hyped about the new stuff, continue to read on.

Still here? Alright, so the data miner HYPEX revealed that there is so much more coming to Fortnite Season 4 than just the singular Thor skin that we already know about. At least one more major Marvel skin will be introduced plus a bunch of other stuff.

New Season Will Also Get a Wolverine Skin

Overall, this season is shaping up not just to have a Marvel crossover like Seasons 2 and 3 had but also all about superheroes again. This is intriguing since the fourth season of the original chapter of Fortnite was all about superheroes and villains.

Instead of vague original heroes, this new fourth season will be all about Marvel ones plus maybe a couple of homemade ones from Epic Games. The biggest addition that we know of so far is through this leak that says that Wolverine will reportedly be getting his skin as well.

This Fortnite Wolverine leak for his official X-Men skin is in addition to the Thor one that we already know is likely coming to the game. And it is highly likely that this Fortnite Wolverine leak is correct since the data miner noted that they are posting this because their source was right already.

They likely had an unknown source tell them information ahead of time, and now that it has been confirmed through the official announcement from Epic Games, it is likely that this other info is correct, too. Interestingly enough, Epic has been able to keep data miners out of finding out new info since they had to come from someone close to the game.

New Marvel Point of Interest Will Drop

In the Fortnite Wolverine leak, we don’t just know that a skin is coming from him, but there will be a new point of interest introduced to the Season 4 map. This new named location will be reportedly a Marvel one potentially themed around Thor.

HYPEX doesn’t say it outright, but in that case, it seems highly likely that the new point of interest will be a famous Thor-related place like Asgard. It would be amazing to see the God of Thunder’s home realm be introduced into Fortnite and offer something different than anything we’ve seen before.

This is no surprise given that Deadpool kicked things off with taking over The Yacht in season 2, and then Aquaman getting his own Atlantis-inspired Coral Castle (currently in the middle of a lawsuit) current season. There is a third skin that we know about as well.

This one is a Wolverine-inspired skin that is going to take the popular banana boy Peely and give him some banana claws in a hilarious possible homage to the Wolverine Banana meme. And last but not least, a new collectible item will be added to the game.

When Players Can Expect Season 4

This is one that we have heard about before, and it is comic book pages. Players will be able to find these on the map and then collect them, likely to then be able to read them outside of battle royale matches. We already heard about this through a previous leak, so this isn’t surprising.

There are other leaked skins that we have heard minor rumors of for Fortnite Season 4, but we will leave those out as they don’t have as much credibility to them, but they could be true. It looks like the fourth season of this chapter will be one of the most exciting yet.

Players won’t have to wait too long to find out everything that is happening in this new season as its release date is Aug. 27. That is the same day as the Gamescom Opening Night Live where we expect to see some announcements regarding what’s to come in this surprisingly soon season of battle royale.


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