Fortnite Wandavision Rumor Hints at New Marvel Crossover Skins

by in Fortnite | Feb, 16th 2021

Fortnite battle royale is a game known for its crossover events and skins throughout the seasons and is unlikely to change anytime soon. The latest possible crossover is quite intriguing as we hear rumors of a possible Fortnite Wandavision crossover. 

Fortnite Wandavision Crossover Rumored

The Fortnite Wandavision crossover event is being teased and rumored by some of the battle royale game’s community members. It all started with the recent mining of the latest update in which some leakers discovered the files of some upcoming characters. 

It is hard for Epic Games to hide these characters in the backend while awaiting their arrival and are still in development. Often, the developer will just put them in the game with a codename to hide their identities from the community. 

But these names typically give away some idea of who the character may be and what crossover is coming up soon. Such is possibly happening with the latest leak in which some data miners discovered three new skins coming to the game soon. 

Our pal shared these leaks over at ShiinaBR on Twitter. In this particular case, after the most recent update, these three sets have appeared in the battle royale game. 

Three New Skin Sets Have Leaked in the Game

ShiinaBR noted that the three sets are named BikeCatch, ToneTrip, and AcutePanic by the in-game files. Again, these are secret names meant to hide their identities, but they could also be related to the characters themselves coming soon. 

Of these sets, the Fortnite leaker noted that two are hunter sets that continue the fifth season theme while the other is not. The two may be considered hunters of a kind, like The Mandalorian, Predator, etc., while the other is just a random addition. 

This could mean that the third one is not a hunter of some kind, but it could also mean that it is not a crossover one like the other two are. There have been plenty of crossover skins this season. We don’t expect that to end anytime soon as the game keeps ramping up Season 5. 

Here is where things get interesting. Many members of the community are taking it to mean that we could see a Fortnite Wandavision crossover soon with one of these sets. After all, both the ToneTrip and AcutePanic names have some odd similarities to Wanda, or Scarlet Witch, in the Disney+ TV show. 

Scarlet Witch and Vision Are Some of the Only MCU Avengers Not in Fortnite

The Wandavision TV show’s tone has been a hot topic lately as the series has gone through some exciting changes as of late. Of course, I won’t spoil any of that here, so you should watch the show for yourself, but the tone is an important topic, not to mention it is a trip to watch. 

Then there is the AcutePanic one that has to do with panicking, which is something that could be related to, well, a lot of different characters in the Wandavision TV show. There are many reasons to believe that one of these could be a Fortnite Wandavision crossover bundle. 

If this were to happen, we have a couple of theories for when this would happen and how. For one, there is the fact that we have so many Marvel skins that are already in the game, including those of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Avengers. 

There are already characters like the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther, and many more. But two Avengers that are currently missing from the lineup are the Scarlet Witch and Vision. This is something to note as they and Spider-Man are some of the only movie Avengers missing right now from the game. 

When the Rumored Fortnite Wandavision Crossover Might Happen

The Wandavision show is doing fantastic right now and is one of the most popular shows airing this early into 2021, so there is no better time to release the Fortnite Wandavision crossover skins. This is something that has already similarly happened recently.

Season 5 came around the time that The Mandalorian‘s second season was airing, also on Disney+. That was hyped up with the crossover in Fortnite where you could get Mando and Baby Yoda in this fifth season. With the Wandavision show happening right now, there is no better time to release Scarlet Witch and Vision skins. 

There are only a few more episodes left of the Wandavision show, so we imagine that this will come sooner rather than later. Before the end of Season 5, it would make sense to have this Fortnite Wandavision crossover happen, so it could be any day now.

We imagine that both the Scarlet Witch and Vision would come to Fortnite simultaneously in this crossover, perhaps, even as a bundle with some extra goodies like pickaxes, gliders, and back blings. Only time will tell, as we don’t even know the end of the current Season 5.

But Fortnite players who are also Wandavision fans will know that there are some parallels between this current season and the Marvel Disney+ show. Both have some interesting similarities in their setting and premises, so there is no better time than now to do this crossover.  


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