Fortnite Villain’s Lair Could Return in Season 3

by in Fortnite | Jul, 8th 2020

A new Fortnite leak is here in the very long, seemingly unending line of leaks recently regarding Season 3. This latest leak, though, is a weird one as it isn’t actually known if it will happen or not in the future. It has to do with the possible return of the Fortnite Villain’s Lair location this season.

Fortnite Villain’s Lair Files Added in Recent Update

The latest leak comes from Twitter user Sizzy who posted about this new discovery from the in-game files. It looks like the most recent downloadable update to the game included a bunch of new information for Season 3, including a hint that the Fortnite Villain’s Lair will return this season.

In the game files, the data miner Sizzy discovered that there is a file known as “Athena POI (point of interest) Lair 001.” This particular file is an image. There seems to be more than just one of them currently in Fortnite’s backend.

While the name Athena might be a little odd to you, that could be a codename or something unrelated to the actual lair itself. But the image is of the Fortnite Villain’s Lair from Season 4, something that we haven’t seen in the game since the first chapter.

This was one of the only major unnamed locations on the map at that time and was, arguably, one of the best places to visit that wasn’t Tilted Towers or any of the other named areas. As such, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this popular destination come back this season.

Villain’s Lair Has Been Hinted at Before

But it is worth noting that this is only a rumor at this point. Just because it showed up in the game files again doesn’t mean that the location is planned for a return soon. This just means that Epic Games could be adding it to the game for a myriad of other reasons.

Regardless, the hints towards the return of the lair don’t necessarily end there. Epic has already released some official hints that this fan-favorite place could return soon. The Visitor and his band of evildoers known as The Seven made that lair their organization’s home.

Oddly enough, The Visitor’s group has been seen in the official trailer for the second season of battle royale. Even though the group never appeared in Season 2 for whatever reason, they were featured in the trailer for that battle royale season for just a moment.

It is easy to miss, but they were there, certainly lending some credence to this theory. It could have just been that the villainous group was the inspiration for the spies that were released that season. Whatever the reason, there is some evidence to support the return of the Fortnite Villain’s Lair.

Lair Could Appear This Season

Let’s dig into these images that have appeared and what they could mean for the location. First and foremost, there is the possibility that this could mean the unnamed place will appear this season or in the next one.

After all, the entire map of Fortnite Season 3 hasn’t been fully determined just yet. At the end of Season 2, events went down that caused the Season 3 map to be partially submerged underwater. This eliminated locations like Craggy Cliffs and Weeping Woods as sharks and the marauders took over.

But we already know that Epic Games is planning on receding the water to make the map go back to some semblance of what it was before. This will likely happen before the end of Season 3. It has already begun this month as the first recession happened on July 1.

And interestingly enough, previous leaks from this same update revealed what looks to be the final map for Season 3. It includes a map that looks strikingly similar to what we had in previous seasons, but with the addition of stuff like the new named locations of Catty Corner and The Ruins.

Other Possibilities for Why This Was Added

Of course, there is the chance that that final map isn’t real, but we are fairly convinced that it is likely what we will see before the end of the season. While it doesn’t show the Fortnite Villain’s Lair directly on the map, that does not rule out entirely as an unnamed landmark location.

The finalized map shows Risky Reels has returned and is a named location again for some reason. With this, that is one less landmark than we would have normally had. Perhaps the lair could be a new landmark area somewhere on the map that could fill the gap.

Or it could just be there for a variety of other possible reasons. It could be in the testing phase for potential inclusion in a future map this chapter or even the possible return of the first chapter’s island, much like what Apex Legends did with the Kings Canyon map.

It could even be as simple as adding it so that assets from it can become more readily available in the Creative mode for players to use for creating their islands. Regardless of the reason, the Fortnite Villain’s Lair still holds a special place in the history of the game.

After all, it was the birthplace of the live events that we have so many of today. The rocket event occurred there, starting a trend that has made Fortnite so popular and also caused other games like Destiny 2 and many more to start implementing live events of their own.


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