Fortnite Venom Super Series Tournament Teased

by in Fortnite | Nov, 16th 2020

Epic Games has given us the first official teaser for the upcoming Marvel Knockout Super Series tournament that will happen later this week. It looks like we know who is joining the game very soon. The final superhero/villain to join the game is likely Fortnite Venom.

Fortnite Venom Skin Teased

In a shocking reveal, Epic Games tweeted an image revealing the character who will focus on the upcoming fourth and final themed tournament for the Marvel Knockout Super Series. From what we can tell, it is pretty clear that this is teasing an official Fortnite Venom skin.

This is surprising for multiple reasons that we will get into in a moment but keep in mind that this is a tease. In the image, it has a purple and black background hiding the actual character. But there is a lot in it pointing to Venon.

For one, there is the weird oozing stuff coming off of him. It is similar to the symbiote and how it reacts to Eddie Brock or whoever is connected to it this time around, and the sharp knife-like instrument that the character has turned their right arm into.

The color scheme helps with this notion that we are looking at the Fortnite Venom skin’s arrival. It gives it away with the emotes that Epic Games used in the tweet. They put a black spider emote in the tweet itself, certainly making it clear that some spider hero or villain is coming.

Venom Super Series Cup Confirmed

Given the character’s overwhelming size and other details that we can point out, it is also clear that this won’t be the long-awaited Spider-Man skin either. Instead, Venom seems to be making his debut in Fortnite before the friendly neighborhood Spidey, an interesting move.

This all but confirms the Fortnite Venom skin and Marvel Knockout Super Series at this point. Fortunately, players will not have to wait super long for the skin to be released as it will come first to those players who participate and do well in the upcoming tournament this week.

As we already knew with the special Black Widow tournament release last week, the fourth and final themed event in the Marvel Knockout Super Series would happen on Wednesday, Nov. 18. Epic Games originally announced that there would be four themed events.

Starting last month, we had the Daredevil event kick things off and let players earn or later purchase the fan-favorite character. The Ghost Rider event followed that up. Last week was the Black Widow one.

Players Will Be Able to Earn the Venom Skin This Week

This week will see the start of the Fortnite Venom Super Series Cup as the last themed one. Players who participate need to be level 30 on their account and have a partner for the duos tournament. If you do well in your region, you can unlock the Venom skin for free and before everyone else who has to buy it.

After the tournament, the Venom skin will be available in the item shop for players to pick up using their V-Bucks. The skin will only be available for a limited time, so players who want to grab this fan-favorite anti-hero will want to hurry up.

It is uncertain what the Fortnite Venom skin will look like. Given how the recent crossover skins have been, it is likely we could see a movie version based on the Venom film. Such was the case with the Black Widow skin from last week since that new outfit was based on her upcoming Black Widow spin-off prequel film.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the Fortnite Venom skin follows suit and has the movie version. Still, it will be interesting to see how this skin is implemented since it is known for being a little beefier than most Fortnite characters in battle royale.

Though you will be able to get the Fortnite Venom in the Marvel Knockout Super Series, which happens to be the last themed event around a hero (or anti-hero in this case), it won’t be the last event in the series. There is one more event that will happen this week as well.

The $1 million Super Cup will conclude the series later this week on Saturday, Nov. 21. Players in the event will have the chance to earn some real cash instead of just skins for the game. Details are scarce on that tournament at this time, but we expect to hear more soon.

For now, what we do know is that it will be a duos event again and feature the same Marvel Knockout game mode that past events have had. This tournament-based game mode is all about duos taking on one another in a superpowered match where everyone has the same gear.

Where Is the Spider-Man Skin?

The release of the Fortnite Venom skin through the Marvel Knockout Super Series does beg the question of where is the Spider-Man skin? It seems strange to release Venom first before the Spidey, who started it all, but this seems to be the case now.

Spider-Man is one of, if not the, most requested skins that players would like to see released for Fortnite battle royale. We have gone through almost an entire Marvel-themed season and still no sign of the character despite other Avengers and superheroes appearing.

There is a chance that Epic Games is saving him for a future, potentially Spider-Man themed season, but we will have to wait and see.


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