Fortnite Update “Improves” Aim Assist and Controller Sensitivity, Infuriates Community

by in Fortnite | Sep, 25th 2019

It seems no matter how hard the Fortnite developers try; they can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to balance in their game. If nothing else, this most recent Fortnite aim assist update shows they certainly know how to make people made.

Last month there were issues surrounding how broken the mechs were in-game. Now, it appears the besieged developer has come under fire again, though this time not because of an item getting added.

In the most recent update to the highly popular shooter, Epic added in extra features to manage controller sensitivity and aim assist. Console and controller players were able to control how fast their character reacts to commands more effectively.

While usually this alone wouldn’t cause any problems, one of the added features is a slider allowing you to adjust the strength of the aim assist.

Dozens of streamers have already taken to social media complaining about the changes. FaZe Sway posted a video on Twitter revealing how broken the aim assist can become. With higher sensitivities, controller players can track targets with barely any effort easily.

Personal Take

While controller players have always needed extra help to keep up with the more accurate keyboard and mouse users, this update is giving controller players a significant advantage.

Not only do they get auto-aim when they set the aim assist to the max, but they also got a slider for turning speed while building.

Considering how important building is in the Fortnite competitive meta, that second move alone could have a significant impact on gameplay.

Epic wants to balance the game between controller and keyboard/mouse. However, there’s a reason developers generally don’t try that. It’s nearly impossible to make them go on a level playing field.

CoD Modern Warfare took a similar approach recently by adding similar sliders to their menu. In that case, both controller and keyboard/mouse players got it, rendering the advantage given to controller players mute.

Epic is also notorious for not testing how powerful new features can be in Fortnite. The fact that people have already begun complaining about how strong adjusting aim assist is shouldn’t come as a surprise.

We’ll have to wait and see if Epic responds to the criticisms they’ve received for their Fortnite aim assist patch. It feels like we’re getting closer and closer to a breaking point. Either Epic needs to give up on their vision for the game, or put their foot down and let disgruntled fans go.


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