Fortnite Unveils V.Hive Facility in Celebration of Team Vitality VIT02 Sneakers

by in Fortnite | Dec, 18th 2020

Team Vitality has been making some serious moves in 2020. On top of their recent Adidas VIT.02 sneaker launch, a special event has begun in Fortnite’s creative mode. To celebrate this, another awesome moment has come straight to Fortnite. Team Vitality has brought the state-of-the-art V.Hive facility to the Fortnite creative mode. Fancy yourself skilled at Fortnite? Then you might be able to win a pair of those gorgeous VIT.02 sneakers.

Death Run and Zombie in the V.Hive Facility

Team Vitality points out that in under 24 hours since the VIT.02’s release, they’ve sold double the number of pairs in the same time as the VIT.01. That’s a huge thing to see, but it’s not a surprise. The VIT.02 Dragon Ball-inspired sneakers are amazing to look at. But what about this competition? What’s Team Vitality got cooking with the V.Hive in Fortnite? 

Players can experience the Team Vitality V.Hive in the virtual world. The V.Hive is the ultimate fan destination for Team Vitality fans, and the virtual recreation of it is flawless. If you have the room code, you can access two challenges in the V.Hive Fortnite creative map, courtesy of Team Vitality. 

Room Code: 0028-9881-2571

This will give you access to the two challenges: A Death Run and Zombie map, to aim for a selection of fantastic prizes (like a pair of VIT.02 sneakers). You can access the Death Run map via the V.Hive Basement. Just approach the cinema screen, or you can use a room code to access it directly:

Death Run Room Code: 6650-3581-4615

The Death Run challenge contest runs through Jan. 4. Players challenge each other and try to complete this run in the best time possible. The Zombie map challenge runs through Dec. 24. You need the following room code to access it:

Zombie Map Room Code: 6963-3581-4615

Now that you’ve played the map out and have a run that you’re proud of, what do you do? Go to and submit your challenge! You can win Team Vitality and Adidas swag from the V. Hive challenge. VIT.02 sneakers, VIT.02 shit, a Vitality 2020 jacket, and more. 

Want an idea of what to expect? Team Vitality’s ambassador Gotaga showed the map on Twitch this past Tuesday, going through both challenges. Other Team Vitality players have tackled the maps as well. If you’d like to see some clips of the action, we’ve got you covered.

The VIT.02 sneakers look amazing. This is a fascinating way to hype up the release of the shoe. The V.Hive recreation is pretty slick, and we’re looking forward to seeing some Team Vitality fans show off their fastest times with the sickest moves. The event has already begun, so get out there and show Team Vitality what you’ve got!


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