Fortnite Tron End of Line Crossover Begins in the Item Shop

by in Fortnite | Feb, 12th 2021

If you couldn’t already tell, it looks like Disney and Epic Games must like each other given the sheer number of crossovers they do with one another. But this latest one, the Fortnite Tron End of Line crossover, is an interesting one as it represents something surprising in a way. 

Fortnite Tron Crossover Is Here

Until this point in time, the Disney and Epic Games crossovers’ general gist have been for Marvel and Star Wars, with the latter only really getting a huge boost most recently. There haven’t been many other Disney properties crossing over with the battle royale game as of late. 

However, that is seemingly changing with the new Fortnite Tron for players to check out. As with the other crossovers this season in Season 5, the theme is to have “hunters” from other realities gather together to be in the Fortnite universe. 

In this latest case, the newest additions are some of the characters from the Tron universe, or, well, sort of that is. Epic Games has taken a unique spin on the usual crossover skin formula for this one that is a bit of a departure from how the typical crossover skins work. 

For the most part, though, this Fortnite Tron crossover is just about what you would expect from the crossovers we have gotten this season. There are the usual items that you would expect to see that you can purchase in the game for a limited time. 

End of Line Collection Bundle in the Item Shop

In the Fortnite Tron crossover case, it all comes together in the main package that players can purchase in the item shop. Unlike the Fortnite Flash Cup that happened earlier this week, there is no way to earn these new event skins for free, so you will have to shell out some V-Bucks to get them.

They are only available in the item shop. Players can pick up the Fortnite Tron bundle there. Known as the End of Line Collection, this bundle comes with everything you can get as part of this latest crossover event. Several items are themed around the Tron universe. 

The Disney movie franchise is known for its signature films that depict the humans who visit the titular Tron system where they traverse the Grid and battle against other nefarious warriors there. In doing so, they use the classic aesthetic of black suits lit up with bright lines that match the Grid world. 

Now it is time for that same aesthetic to brilliantly come to Fortnite with the Fortnite Tron End of Line bundle. In this bundle, players will, of course, get some unique Tron skins to use in future battle royale matches. However, these skins are a bit different from what you might have expected.

How the Fortnite Tron Skins Work

Instead of just taking the famous characters from the Tron movies that we have had in the past and transporting them into their cartoony Fortnite versions, Epic Games and Disney went for a more personalized version that allows the player to pick better what they look like. 

In this case, the suit will generally be the same for every version of the Tron skin. Whether you are playing as a more feminine character or a more masculine one, the player will have the classic black suit lined with neon blue accents that make it look relatively cool. 

And to top it all off literally, the player will have their Tron-themed helmet that they will be wearing that changes a bit depending on which version of the characters you pick to play. If you don’t like the excellent helmet for some reason, you don’t need it. 

Players are free to unequip the helmet in the locker and run around in the black and blue glowing suit without the helmet on top if they would like to at least show what their character’s face looks like. How the personalized nature of this skin bundle comes into play is with the different versions. 

When players purchase the Fortnite Tron End of Line Collection bundle, they will get various player looks, including the Cypher, Firewall, Proxy, Datapath, Packet, Bitstream, Commandline, Upload, IO, and Bandwidth versions, all of which include a removable helmet accessory. 

There are 10 versions of this skin. You will get all of them in this bundle because all they do is change the look of the character’s face, the helmet potentially, and other minor accents. Otherwise, they are generally using the same black and blue suit. 

Other Tron Items in the Collection Bundle

Some of the characters have different hairstyles, genders, skin colors, and so on to give the player some solid options for selecting what they want their Tron character to look like. This level of choice isn’t seen in too many skins these days in Fortnite, especially in the case of crossover ones, so this is a welcome change of pace. 

And the best part is that the Fortnite Tron End of Line Collection doesn’t end there. The skin is the main focus of the bundle, but that isn’t all. You also get three more items to use in battle royale matches to show your love for Tron’s style and the universe. 

There is also the Light Cycle rideable glider that you will hop off of the battle bus in and the Identity Disc that comes in two main flavors. The first is a back bling that you can wear on your back in matches. The other is a pickaxe that you can swing around to gather materials. The collection of Tron items is only in the item shop for a limited time, so don’t forget to pick them up if you’re interested.


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